Little Ondine: Peelable nail polish for grown ups

Little Ondine is perhaps one of my most fun discoveries this year, if you were a child who relished in picking PVA glue off your hands in primary school then this nail polish brand is for you. Here’s what Little Ondine have to say about their product:

Composed of natural ingredients: Composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water. We’ve sourced the best minerals from around the world to bring you a pure organic colour that give it a smooth texture while hydrating your nails.”

Easy Peel off: Change your style with ease. No matter if you have a big meeting during the day or a fun night out with friends.”

Odour free: Appy your nail polish anywhere -bus, office or home. No horrible smells”

Quick Drying: Save time drying when you are on the move”

Brilliant colours: Fun and stylish colours to match what you are wearing on the go”

I was sent a couple of colours from the range and have since added another colour to my collection, I am going to say on the offset that I love the product and the performance although nail polish is never the most natural of products, this brand does tick a lot of boxes. Starting with performance, I found Little Ondine to be very easy to apply, to start off ensure your nails are clean and dry to ensure the nail polish adheres. I somehow expected the formula to be thick, but it is actually wonderfully easy to use and lives up to it’s quick drying and odour free claims. You need to work quickly to correct any mistakes if you have painted over the cuticle as when it’s dry you will end up removing the whole thing, in fact this happened to me the first time I tried.

The colour selection is really rather lovely too, I particularly like the the deep red tone called lava. Pictured above we have (from left to right) Pop rocks (L028) which is a glitter top coat, Cherry Blossoms (L070) which is a lovely peachy pink shade and Lava (L062) which is a deep cherry red. If you have ever struggled removing glitter polish before then Little Ondine makes wearing glitter for a special occasion really easy, although Pop Rocks is not a shade I would ever have chosen it is really fun and great for adding a bit of sparkle.

I managed to get three full days of wear on my fingers before starting to see some tip wear and needing to remove. For me that is pretty standard and I as I tend to get bored of colours fairly soon, this is not something that bothers me, there is a top coat in the range as well but I haven’t tried so can’t say whether it makes a difference  to longevity. What really impressed me is that the nail polish does peel of with ease and leaves extremely healthy nails with no damage, which I was concerned about.

Taking a look at the ingredients, you can see above Little Ondine are claiming this is a natural water based nail polish, so slightly different from other formulas, here is the ingredients list:

Aqua (solvent), Polyurethane-35 (resin), Acrylic acid/VP crosspolymer (resin), Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (resin), Triethanolamine (buffer), glycerine (humectant/moisturiser), Laureth 21 (emulsifier), Titanium Dioxide. (May Contain [+/-] Mica, CI 11710, CI74160, CI 77000, CI 77891, CI 12490. These are all colourants) Polyethelene terephthalate (glitter)

I noticed that the ingredients themselves are not available on the website, so I had to take them directly off the box, not a major sin in itself, but always preferable for companies who mainly sell on-line to make that information to consumers at the point at which they buy. So what is actually in this “natural” nail polish? I think to call any nail varnish natural is a bit of a stretch so I contacted Little Ondine to clarify the purpose of each ingredient in the formula which is reflected in the ingredients list above, nail varnish ingredients lists are a nightmare to navigate, even with the help of google. There is none of the usual suspects and the formula behaves gently with no fumes, so I take that as a good sign. I can’t deny the performance is brilliant and a definite improvement from other brands available, I would certainly class this as a healthier alternative for your nails.

Little ondine polishes start at the bargain price of £8.40 and you can find them here at

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.