The right tools for the job: Beauty tools from MoncornerB

I will admit that the sonic cleansing brush phenomenon passed me by, due to researching and finding extremely conflicting information about it’s use for sensitive skin. For the most part I am quite happy with a cleansing balm and flannel but was intrigued when I was offered to try a couple of interesting beauty tools from MoncornerB a French site specialising in natural and organic products. So did the beauty gadgets win me over?

The SOS Purité cleansing pore brush – Naturience (€21.90) is a manual cleansing brush with extremely soft and densely packed fibres. It has a sleek design and a pine handle with super soft synthetic, anti-bacterial bristles. I love using this, especially in the morning and it is a good alternative to something like a Konjac sponge, providing a gentle exfoliation for the skin. I love that I can control the pressure and use it easily without worrying about over stripping the skin. In between uses I hang this up to dry, due to how densely packed the bristles are, when I come to use it again it is usually still slightly damp, that’s the UK weather for you though and it would certainly dry quicker in a warmer climate. The only reason I mention this is that it may have an impact on the longevity of the brush, so far though it is holding up extremely well.

Due to the softness of the bristles the brush is never irritating even on sensitive skin, I find it best paired with a light gel or cream formula cleanser, you don’t want anything too hard to rinse. I have been trialling the product for two months now and have found no shedding of the fibres, if well taken care of I can see this brush lasting some time as it seems very well made. If you already have a good skincare routine I don’t think you will see any dramatic changes to your skin just with the inclusion of this tool, however I think it is a fun way to encourage people to spend a little longer on their skin, which is after all is always a good thing.

The Roll on instant matt – Naturience (€9.90) is a really interesting little gadget and one I will admit I was fully expecting not to work. The roller is made from natural volcanic stone, and is perfect for a facial massage as well as cleverly mattifying the skin. I tested this on some of the warmest days we had in the UK, when there was a definite sheen on my forehead and was really pleased with the results! Skin was let perfectly matte, there was minimal disruption to make up and it has become an absolute make up bag staple. The roller is extremely comfortable to use and the stone is cooling and very smooth, I had a great experience with it and I think the price is a bit of a bargain.

If you are a blotting sheet user then you may well want to switch to this little roller, as it is reusable and will last a long time if well taken care of, in the long run this should save you a lot of money too, as initial outlay is really reasonable. You can use the roller several times before needing to wash it, after about four uses pop it in warm, salty water for 30 minutes and leave to air dry, as easy as that, your roller is ready to be used again! This is such a nifty little product for anyone with combination or oily skin, but it is suitable for all skin types and a great alternative to a jade roller.

Are you tempted by these clever Eco-friendly beauty tools?


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.