The Scent of summer: Shay and Blue Watermelons

Perhaps one of my happiest discoveries this summer is Shay and Blue Watermelons (£30 for 100 mls), a beautiful light and sweet scent that is truly delicious. Shay and Blue are a beautiful artisan perfume brand that create quality fragrances, Watermelons is my first perfume from the brand but I am already hooked, in fact I am madly deeply in love.

With a little boutique tucked away in the streets of Marylebone London, Shay and Blue combines classic perfume alchemy with fresh and modern fragrances and there appears to be something for everyone in this beautifully styled range. The creators are Julie Masse and Dom Devetta, Julie is a perfumer with a flair for creating modern scents and Dom has a prestigious twenty year career in the business, including working for brands such as Chanel and Jo Malone.

“The quality of each fragrance is assured. Our craftsmen carefully pick real flowers, fruit and spices. They work with their hands. With real produce. They gather and weigh. Petals and pods, blooms and kernels. They ripen and store. They crush and extract. They work painstakingly, patiently, until what is left is the distillation of a fragrance oil of exceptional quality, made from real ingredients grown in nature.”

Watermelons is just as you would expect, sweet, fresh and juicy. With top notes of Watermelon and Mandarin, heart notes of honeysuckle, crushed leaves and green tea and base notes of Vetiver, this hand crafted perfume is truly stunning. As you would expect from a fresh scent it has a tendency to fade gently throughout the day, on me it dries down to a more subtle scent with more focus on the heart and base notes. I don’t mind having to reapply, this is a glorious treat every time I pick up the bottle. With so many beautiful scents to choose from my only problem will be deciding on just one to get next, I feel a collection of beautiful blue bottles may be starting.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.