New Launch – Weleda Almond Bodycare range

As we kick off September and the cold weather looms we have a fantastic new launch from Weleda UK, to compliment their popular Almond skincare range there is now a body care range consisting of three products so sensitive skins are taken care of head to toe. If you live in Europe and are thinking that the range looks familiar, that is because it has already been released in other countries for a little while now, but for the UK market this is launched today.

All Weleda ranges have a lead plant that is studied and chosen for it’s suitability and qualities. In the case of the Almond range, Weleda uses cold pressed Almonds which are farmed organically in the lovely Valencia, Spain. Almond was chosen because plant oils from seeds and kernels are particularly warming and nourishing, in this case the almond has the tough outer shell which is protective and the plant oil itself is full of fatty acids as well as being known for being tolerated by all sin types. The scent is light and comes from a small amount of bitter almond essential oil which means all the products smell like bakewell tarts (delicious!) Let’s take a look at the individual products:

Weleda body-washes have long been a favourite of mine, especially the pomegranate scent and this Almond sensitive body-wash (£7.95 for 200 ml suitable for vegans) is a brilliant addition. What I love about these washes is their creamy texture, rather than getting “bubbles” almost always achieved with plenty of synthetic chemicals, Weleda uses gentle plant based surfactants that create a luscious lather which feels incredibly luxe given the affordable price-point. Another favourite characteristic is that these double as the best shaving product, cushioning enough to ensure a comfortable shave whilst also being moisturising and rinsing easily, in fact I never shave with anything else! The addition of Shea butter and of course almond oil in the Almond wash makes it perfect for skin that needs a little something extra in the hydration department and skin is left incredibly soft. If you are after a gentle body-wash for under £10 the almond range is my favourite recommendation.

After your shower those skins who need an additional moisturiser have the perfect solution in the Almond sensitive skin moisturiser (£13.95 for 200 ml). This lotion comes in an airless pump, which is actually a very clever eco friendly design that is well worth a mention. inside the pump bottle (which is full recyclable of course) is a airless bag, which depresses as you pump, when the bottle is done you can simply take it apart and pop the plastic in with your recycling, it also ensures that you get every last bit of product with no fuss, very clever! The lotion itself manages to strike the right balance between nourishing and easily absorbed, great for skin that is easily irritated or redness prone like mine, I use this straight after the shower to calm my skin daily and it feels cooling and comforting. As well as almond oil you have squalane which is another oil perfect for sensitive skins and beeswax which is protective, great for anyone whose skin is compromised and needs an extra layer of protection. The short and sweet ingredients list is reassuring, when it comes to sensitivity less is more. Sometimes I like to add a few drops of the Weleda almond oil, technically meant for facial use but very versatile and perfect for adding some extra oomph to the lotion as and when it is needed.

Last but definitely not least is the Almond sensitive skin handcream (£9.95 for 50 ml suitable for vegans) which is perhaps the biggest departure from the other products of it’s kind that Weleda makes. If you have tried any of Weleda’s hand creams before you will know they range from the very thick and nourishing Skinfood and Citrus hand cream to the lighter versions such as the Pomegranate and the Sea Buckthorn. The almond hand cream has the easiest absorbed texture of all the others, in my opinion, if you need something that means you can immediately carry on with your day, as I do frequently when sat working, then the cleverly added tapioca starch in this product will have you reaching for the pink tube regularly. It manages to relieve all tightness and dryness with no residue after just a couple of seconds massaging it in, and the light fragrance doesn’t linger which personally I like. I always gift any new Mum’s Weleda baby products, especially the nappy cream! But from now on this will be added in to my hampers, as it’s the perfect antidote to the constant hand washing that comes with a newborn or toddler.

As it’s Organic September I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Weleda’s commitment to Organic and Biodynamic farming. Unlike many other brands Weleda don’t buy ingredients on the open market, instead choosing to partner with like minded farmers and cooperatives to ensure high standards not only for the ingredients but for the workers. These products are all certified by Natrue, meaning they all have a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with the body lotion being at least 95% organic, more on Natrue standards another day!

I am delighted to announce I will be Weleda’s brand ambassador for Organic beauty week, so you can expect more posts about the brand, it’s ingredient sourcing and standards! As it’s the month to celebrate all things organic and authentic I am extremely pleased to be able to shine a light on one of my favourite brands.

I would love to know if you are going to try this range? If not what are your Weleda favourites?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.