New Launch – Petits Rituels

Cosy winter evenings in my house wouldn’t be complete these days without the log burner on and a candle burning. It is no secret that I am obsessed with eco candles, by that I mean candles that use clean burning soy wax and essential oils for scenting, rather than the use of cheap paraffin wax. The use of essential oils I believe to be very important to the whole experience, I just have to walk down the candle isle in a shop to get a horrible headache from some synthetic scents, plus when you use essential oils you get the added sensory benefits to suit your mood, whether you are after something calming or stimulating there is a blend for everyone.

I have reviewed quite a few candle brands in the past and I am always keen to try a new brand. Petits Rituels instantly ticked a lot of boxes for me, only natural waxes are used, from what I can tell from the website and press release they use Soy wax although it doesn’t say anywhere on the site they are vegan, I think it is safe to assume they are. The branding is beautiful, the detail is sadly only on the boxes and the labels, personally I would love some of the detail on the frosted glass candle containers as well, but the candles really do look great whilst they burn.

The candles come in one size, with a single wick and up to 40 hour burn time. At £35 for a 200 gram candle, the prices are in line with other premium more established brands such as Neom. Personally I have tested less expensive brands that offer a similar size, ingredients and performance to Le Petits rituels, so if budget is tight, that is something to think about.

I was sent two products to try, firstly a beautiful candle in Minty Bon Bon (£35 for 200 grams). Minty Bon Bon is never a scent I would have chosen for myself, because minty scents aren’t my favourites, but in this case the blend really works. With organic essential oils of lemongrass and spearmint, this is a refreshing scent with an earthy depth from the lemongrass, great for those days when I am working from home and need something to clear my mind and keep me focused. The candle burns cleanly and with a good enough scent throw to fill a medium to large room.

Whilst I thought the candle was lovely, the real stars of the show for me are the cute little wax melts, I have the Sensual healing blend £10 for two wax melts, each with a 10 burn time approximately. These are so sweet, they come in a cotton draw string bag and can be used to scent wardrobes and drawers whilst they are not being burnt and they would make a perfect stocking filler too this Christmas. The blend I have is floral and feminine with Ylang Ylang, rose, Jasmine and lavender and I love it, but there are plenty of others to explore which all sound wonderful.

Petits Rituels is a brand worthy of exploration if you are looking for good quality candles, the blends and the styling are truly lovely. A luxury treat for your home.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.