Taking the One good thing challenge with Minvita

When I was approached about taking part in the Minvita One good thing challenge, I was immediately excited, it works on the principle of adding in good things to crowd out the not so good choices.
This kind of approach is perfect for someone like me who is triggered by feelings of deprivation, so often health is associated with going without things we enjoy and that simply doesn’t have to be the case. The challenge was devised by Minvita and endorsed by eating psychology and health coach Lydia McCall, you can read more about her on her website.

Being pregnant at the time of the challenge means restricting food groups or faddy diets just wasn’t an option, plus there is the near constant hunger and the morning (noon and night) sickness which is just starting to make it’s way out now I have hit week 14. I loved the idea of adding in good things to nourish my body and soul and making a small effort to be healthier and happier one day at a time. The challenge itself is very simple, there are no real rules aside from adding in one good thing each day, this can be food, wellness or health based giving you lot’s of variety. As it is so versatile it is perfect for anyone to take part.

Here is what I have been focusing on over the last fourteen days, the two weeks have flown by!

Day 1: Take your vitamins! A multi-vitamin, this is something that I always try and take but find it so easy to loose the habit if I fall off the bandwagon for a couple of days. I thought I would set the scene for my two weeks by starting with this important habit.

Day 2: Get your five a day. We all know five a day (and more!) is good for us, so I added in a portion of delicious raspberries with my porridge and a portion of spinach with dinner as well as my usual intake.

Day 3: Early to bed. I am feeling the effects of pregnancy in my energy levels so I decide to get to bed early and relax with my hypno-birthing app.

Day 4: Start the day with breakfast. Despite the early night, the urge to skip breakfast and run out the door is high this morning, I decide to grab a quick breakfast smoothie with almond milk, banana, Minvita Baobab powder and some cacao, I drank it on the way to work.

Day 5: The healthy treat. Some day’s only comfort food will do. Hubby made me this delicious healthy carbonara recipe by Jaime Oliver, it was amazing, it uses peas, basil, almonds and greek yoghurt for the sauce instead of cream and was filling yet not too heavy. It inspired me to find more healthy alternatives to my usual favourites and to add in extra healthy ingredients.

Day 6: Fresh air and exercise. On days when I am working from home I have to do the school run, I decided to walk to get some extra exercise and enjoy the autumn leaves on the way home, my son loved it too.

Day 7: Cuddles and love. After a full day at work and long commute, nothing makes me feel better than extra cuddles and story time with my boy, it was lovely!

Day 8: Special treat. I decided to ditch the laptop for a couple of hours and head to the shops to grab some maternity clothes and treat myself to lunch out, bliss.

Day 9: Snack time. I packed extra fruit snacks to have at work, grapes and oranges to keep me going through the afternoon slump.

Day 10: Bath time bliss, I finally get some much needed relaxation and pampering. I poured a bath with some lovely bubbles and popped on a facemask. To finish off I used the Minvita Boabab oil all over my growing bump.

Day 11: Stretch those muscles. I am feeling rather stiff so I decided to run through all my physiotherapy exercises and use my foam roller to massage the sore muscles.

Day 12: Weekend Breakfast. We love lazy weekend breakfasts in our house, I decided to make a firm favourite, banana pancakes but I added some peanut butter and Minvita Moringa powder for extra nutrition, it was delicious.

Day 13: Sweet potato fries. I love sweet potatoes, they always give me a boost. Tonight we added some sweet potatoes roasted in a little bit of coconut oil to dinner, they really satisfied my craving for carbs whilst being easy on my digestion.

Day 14: Super stir fry. A food powerhouse, whenever I need to add in more veggies stirfry is always a go to meal. Tonight I used peppers, mushrooms, baby corns, fine green beans and egg noodles with soy sauce and a little peanut butter, I felt great afterwards.

What I enjoyed the most about the #onegoodthing challenge is that is completely sustainable, so whilst the official challenge ran for 14 days I will be keeping up as many of these good habits as I can and thinking of One good thing to add in each day. Thank you so much to Minvita inviting me to take part I had a great time!

I hope this has inspired you to do One good thing for yourself today, it has really been such a positive and rewarding challenge and one that I am going to continue with. What was your one good thing?


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.