The three ingredient DIY facemask for all skin types

I have never been a great advocate of DIY skincare, I tend to think there is a reason why skincare brands exist and generally they do a far better job than we could do ourselves. I certainly would never recommend making anything water based yourself unless you really know what you are doing (one word mould! ick!), but even for the DIY reluctant like me there are a few core recipes that are easy, great value and worth taking a few minutes to do yourself.

My three ingredient face mask is one of those, I would barely call this a recipe it is so easy, but that is precisely why I like it. At home face masks are inexpensive, can be customised for all skin types and can and should be mixed fresh for use. I do a variation of this mask at least once a week and the results rival any of the expensive brands.

Here you have the three ingredients that make the perfect skin treat:

Powdered clay is extremely inexpensive ingredient, so a bag will give you many many applications for a face mask. There are also many different kinds of clay meaning there is something for everyone no matter what their skin type. I often find ready made clay masks expensive and not as effective as my own version.

Bentonite clay: Is perfect for oil skins and is deeply cleansing, sensitive skins beware this one is very drawing and not for everyone.

Fullers Earth: Is a gentler alternative to Bentonite but still perfect for tackling blemishes and breakouts

Kaolin: Kaolin clay is gentle and perfect for all skins including sensitive. When mixed with red clay it creates pink french clay which is my clay of choice.

When you have chosen a clay suitable for your skin type it is time to mix it in to a mask, you could just use water, but I prefer to use a distilled flower water as they are gentle and soothing and give the masks added skincare benefits. These can also double up as your toner, so there is no need to buy something specially for the mask, making it even more economical.

Rose water: One of my all time favourite ingredients, Rose is known for it’s soothing and calming properties making it wonderful for redness prone and sensitive skins. I use quality Rose Flower waters, preferably organic.

Geranium flower water: This is a new discovery for me and comes from one of my favourite artisan producers Amanda Saurin Apothecary, the brand has a slightly new look now and the bottles come with a spray top instead of a dropper, making it easier to double as a toner. This hydrosol is balancing, making it perfect for anyone with acne or oilier skin.

There are so many other options on the market, experiment and have some fun, you could also try Manuka flower water for acne, orange flower water and many others.

The last ingredient to this simple face mask is a moisturising oil, I love to experiment with the oils I use, you can use a face oil blend or a single ingredient oil, it really is up to you!

Here are some for you to look in to: Argan oil, a great oil for all skin types. Calendula oil, great for sensitive and redness prone skin. Rosehip, works wonderfully for scars and redness. Grapeseed or jojoba are good for balancing the skin. There really are no limits to how many combinations you can try. Always add some of the flower water before the oil as otherwise it can be difficult to mix and remember if the mixture is too dry you can always add more liquid but if you use too much you have to add more clay and will end up with too much mixture, although this is perfect for use all down the neck and chest too.

Added extras: A few ideas for other ingredients to add to masks such as honey, which is a moisturising humectant. Yoghurt, plain works best it is gently exfoliating. Powdered roses, are cooling and soothing and work well for sensitive skins. Superfoods such as boabab or spirulina aren’t just for eating, they work really well on the skin too!

Do you DIY masks? What are your favourite ingredients?


Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.