Greener cleaning with Eco Diva starter pack

Months ago I was approached by Abi Dean the founder of an interesting home care brand called EcoDiva. I have now been using this awesome multi-purpose cleaner since June, all around my home and am delighted to share it with you as well. What separates EcoDiva from most other cleaning systems is that it comes in a concentrated form, so you get fourteen spray bottles worth for every big bottle of cleaner bought. I worked that out to be over 12 plastic bottles saved from potential landfill every time you purchase.

I was sent the Ecodiva starter pack Priced at £24.95, the pack includes:

*A large one litre bottle of multi-purpose cleaner which when diluted will fill a spray bottle 14 times.
*An empty spray bottle to use with your Multi-purpose cleaner.
*Two microfibre cloths.

What I like about the starter pack is that is contains everything you need to get started with greener cleaning. Although plastic bottles can technically be recycled, it depends on your local council as to whether they take them or not and services do vary across the country. For this reason I found the refillable concept really appealing. You can then buy the refill by itself for just £19.95 making subsequent refills just over £1.40 per spray bottle, economical especially when compared to other greener cleaners.

What Eco-Diva says about the product:

*Bio-degradeable, up to 98.9 % will have broken down in the water system within 28 Days.
*Sold as concentrate, reduces plastic waste and emissions from transport.
*Certified safe by the National science Foundation.
*Multi-purpose, can be used around the home.

My experience with the cleaner has been overwhelmingly positive, it has a nice fresh citrus scent and used in conjunction with a warm microfibre cloth cleans just as well as any of the anti-bacterial sprays on the market. It was wonderful knowing when the spray bottle was running low it could just be refilled, to do this you just add the specified amount of concentrated cleaner and top it up with water, really simple.

Here is the full ingredients list (Taken from the Eco-Diva website)

Aqua, Plant Extract, Palm extract, Corn / Coconut / Palm Oil blend, Citrus aurantium dulcis extract, Lime extract, Benzalkonium chloride (preservative, <0.1%)

Aside from the small amount of preservative, which is standard in all shop bought green cleaners and necessary to ensure a good shelf life, I did want to mention that the product contains a small amount of palm oil. As Palm oil is again in the news this week due to the forest fires in Indonesia many customers are looking to find palm oil free alternatives, in this case I think it is worth considering that other green cleaning products on the market for the most part will also contain palm oil of some kind and it is present everywhere from cosmetics to our food chain, change does indeed need to happen, especially with the practices of the larger corporations, but with regards to this product whilst I would prefer for it not to be present I still feel the products benefits outweigh the cons. You can read the brands policy on Palm oil here

Overall the brand and product get a thumbs up from me, after months of use we still have several refills left and I would happily repurchase for our family to continue using it.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.