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Superfoods are nothing new in themselves, for the past few years a new food of the moment comes up pretty much every month. Whilst I am a firm believer in real, whole foods rather than fads, I also like the convenience of powders for adding extra nutrition to juices and smoothies. What I liked about these blends from Alchemy is that they combine a variety of superfood powders in each packet, usually when you buy this kind of product you just get one ingredient at a time, making these supercharged versions of your regular powders.

At a time when many of us are stressed, tired and often to busy for even the basics like breakfast, I am all for anything that gives a quick and convenient nutrition boost. The Alcemy superfood blends come in large packs for £40 which contain 30 servings and come in four different blends:

Morning Elixir – A blend of Hemp and pea protein, baobab, wheatgrass, moringa, psyllium husk, spirulina, chlorella, camu camu and acai.

Energy Elixir – A blend of Baobab, Camu Camu, Chlorella, Maca and pea protein.

Beauty Elixir – A blend of Acai, Baobab, Camu Camu, goji berries, pea protein and wheatgrass.

Sports elixir – A blend of Acai, hemp protein, lacuma, moringa, pea protein and wheatgrass.

To enjoy your alchemy superfood blends you can add to a small amount of juice or water to make a shot or simply add to your regular smoothies, there are lot’s of amazing recipes on the Alchemy website to explore. I personally prefer to do a shot in a little apple juice, despite the fact that some of the ingredients aren’t the most palatable (I can’t be alone in struggling with the taste of wheatgrass!) the blends are subtle with little to no after-taste, depending on what you blend them with. You can feel them doing you good as you take them, making them a great snack option for busy people and anyone who is health conscious. The blends are vegan and certified organic by the Soil Association and reassuringly they have been formulated by Karen Newby an expert nutritionist.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.