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Youth to the People

When I posted a photo on instagram of this range that is freshly landed in the UK this month, it attracted it’s fair share of nice comments and I have to say I do think it is a real crowd pleaser of a range. A Beautiful world has built a reputation on scouting out ranges that are a little different, and Youth to the People is in fact exclusive to them in the UK. I love brands that fuse natural and more scientific ingredients and that is just what Youth to the people does, made in small batches in California it’s all about minimalist packaging but hard hitting formulas. I have been testing all three products from the range stocked in the UK and I would struggle to think of anyone the range wouldn’t appeal to.

Youth to the people Cleanser* Is a gentle foaming cleanser, for me the perfect morning or second cleanse. I love to use it after an oil to ensure my skin feels nice and clean. The cleanser has a light fresh scent, completely non intrusive but lovely. A little goes a long long way as this gel foams up more than you would expect, I use half a pump per application. Skin is left feeling soft, supple but refreshed and renewed.

Youth to the people Serum* I think the serum is perhaps going to be the hero of the range, a real saviour for dehydrated skin. It is a very watery serum, think along the lines of others such as hydraluron but I feel much much nicer to use. It has no scent and one to two pumps are absorbed easily, it does, like most water based serums have that slight tacky feeling on the skin for a couple of seconds after but I find following up with a couple of drops of oil and the moisturiser helps and the ability to layer these products quickly will be appreciated especially by anyone busy. The three key ingredients are Tetrapeptide 37, crosslinked hyluronic acid and chelated vitamin C. Peptides are a fantastic ingredient in skincare, but sadly many natural brands shy away from them because they nearly always are synthetically produced (synthetic in my opinion doesn’t always mean bad!), in this serum they are responsible for the smoothing abilities and it makes this serum great for anyone looking to really take their skincare regime up a notch. Hyluronic acid is a moisture binder, great for dehydrated skin, apparently crosslinked means that the hyluronic acid used can bind more moisture to the skin and given the softness and glow I experience afterwards I can’t argue this point with YTTP.

Youth to the people Cream* This is what I would describe as a gel cream, very hydrating, very soothing but not too heavy and perfect for product layering. This will be a summer beauty hero I feel, but not at all out of place in winter. If you are on the drier side like me you may need to add an oil to this three step regime, whilst I loved all the products I felt my skin was lacking something, add a pump of oil and the story changed completely. Oily and combination skins though can rejoice, this moisturiser is great for adding hydration without heaviness and will not add any shine to the skin at all. With Spinach, Kale and green tea both the cleanser and moisturiser are the green smoothie of the skincare world, so wholesome it should have a halo.

All three products are vegan and come in recyclable packaging, they would be welcome on most conscious consumers shelves. Verdict: I like, a lot. What do you think, do you like the look of Youth to the People?

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Ana Green

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