Pregnancy update: The first 16 weeks

A couple of weeks ago I let it slip in my Minvita challenge post that I am expecting my second child. Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted me congratulations and left me comments on Instagram and the blog, it has been a long first few weeks but we are thrilled as a family to be adding another little person in to the mix. I have been debating for weeks how much of my pregnancy journey to include on the blog, I don’t want this to turn in to a parenting blog, there are lot’s of great ones out there already and I know that most of you come here for the beauty, however I thought it would be nice to do a little update every now and again. I will also be reviewing some of the baby items and skincare products I buy, all with a more eco friendly twist as usual, but rest assured the beauty content won’t be going anywhere.

I found out I was pregnant before I had even missed my first period through an early home test, but in all honesty I knew before the test flashed up positive, Mr Green did a lot of eye rolling when I first mentioned I thought I was pregnant but it turned out my instincts were spot on just like with my first. So far everything has been fairly plain sailing, I suffered with morning sickness (all day and night sickness is it’s name in my house) which is making it’s way out now and was very tired, especially between six and twelve weeks but have had no real complications so far. I found the best way to counter the sickness was to eat regularly, easier said than done when you don’t feel well, but I found that having little snacks like grapes frequently really made a difference.

I have had my dating scan and a couple of midwife appointments, I adore my midwife this time around, I really liked my previous one too, they do such an amazing job and I feel very lucky to live in a country where the NHS exists to take care of us. This week I have another midwife appointment coming up and then nothing until the twenty week scan.

Aside from a little bit of hormonal acne on my chin (thanks hormones!) my skin has been pretty good, I have still been testing products, although less frequently and haven’t changed very much. I have been tackling the breakouts with extra exfoliating with my Antonia Burrell luminous light, which like all of her products is just marvellous for problematic skin. When it comes to bodycare I have reigned it back more significantly, I have been doing a huge amount of research in to essential oils and pregnancy due to the fact that I love my aromatherapy products and it seems to be a bit of a grey area, a lot of sites recommend avoiding essential oils entirely in pregnancy but that seemed a bit extreme so I have been using products that don’t use as many or are made for pregnancy as well as some unscented items. I will do a whole post on that at some point. My best pregnancy buy so far has been the Weleda Stretch mark oil (£15.95 for 100 mls), I adore the body oils from Weleda, they are great value and this one is really soothing on sensitive pregnant skin as well as having a lovely relaxing scent that is not overwhelming at all, which is important as you do seem to become weirdly more sensitive to scents of all kinds.

Aside from taking a multi-vitamin as recommended by my midwife I also have been taking the Bare Biology Bump and Glory Omega 3 (£32 for 60) capsules daily, this is one of the few supplements that I am never without, I feel it makes a real difference to my skin, hair and mood. I had been taking the regular capsules but recently switched to these as they are specifically formulated for pregnancy and breastfeeding. I really like that there is a subscribe and save option so I only paid £27.20 for a two month supply and they automatically send out replacements, a bit of a bargain for this quality fish oil. The capsules are one a day and very easy to swallow, even for me who is terrible with larger tablets. You can read my original review to find out why I love Bare Biology in a little more detail and of course consult your midwife or Doctor before trying anything new in pregnancy.

I made my first baby purchases this week, some reasonably priced organic cotton clothing from John Lewis, organic baby clothes can be really expensive so I was delighted to find the Organic bunny baby bundler (£8 each) which is a sleep suit with elastic at the bottom instead of poppers. Anyone who has had a baby will know that at 3 am when you are sleep deprived, poppers really are the last straw, these also happen to have built in scratch mitts and are soo soft, I am really pleased with them.

I am already planning and researching the big purchases such as pushchair and where baby will sleep. I have fallen in love with the idea of a Snuzpod co-sleeper which comes with an organic mattress and bedding and attaches to your bed or can be taken around the house, great for daytime naps. I wish these had been available with my first, he hated his moses basket and grew out of it very quickly and of course I love the fact that more eco friendly materials are more widely available now.

The world of cloth nappies has also exploded a little since I had my first, we used a mix of little lambs and disposables previously but the choice this time around is overwhelming. I will be doing lot’s of research to see what would suit best. I will also be hitting the charity shops and NCT nearly new sales to see if I can grab any second hand bargains, baby gear can get expensive and whilst I will want some things new, second hand is always the more environmentally friendly option. Worth noting that the NHS choices website recommends that you never use a second hand car seat (in case it has been in a accident, if it is your own that is fine) and that you have a new mattress for moses baskets and cots, but aside from that second hand is fine for everything else.

If anyone does have a specific post requests then do leave them down below, I always like to hear what people want to read.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.