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I have an extremely overdue review for you today, I have been testing these products from Uma oils since August now so am ready to weigh in and give my thoughts. Uma has developed a bit of a cult following, when they got in touch I had already seen several rave reviews on US based beauty blogs and the brand had landed at Cult Beauty in the UK, always a positive sign.

The founder of Uma oils is Shrankhla Holecek, her family have been growing and harvesting essential oils organically for years on their family estate. Prior to setting up Uma, the business had been supplying high end skincare brands such as Estee Lauder and Tom Ford for some time, Shrankla told me that she developed Uma because she was aware of the quantities of actives being ordered by brands and knew given the quantities they produce there simply wasn’t very much in the final product. As I test a lot of facial oils I was keen to narrow down what made Uma different and from my research, testing and conversations with Shrankhla there were a couple of things that stood out to me. The use of Ayurvedic principles is something I am developing a fascination with. Ayurveda is also having a little bit of a moment in the spotlight as it is popping up on ever more packaging, but like everything in life the true principles can get diluted, which is part of Shrankla’s motivation when creating Uma:

“When she moved to Beverly Hills for business school, she soon found herself surrounded by misappropriations of the Indian rituals and Ayurvedic practices she had grown up with. Frustrated, she decided it was time to create a line of products with integrity – one that would do justice to her family’s heritage, and its extraordinary legacy of craftsmanship.”

The next key part of the product that I spoke about with Shrankla was the ratio of active ingredients, Uma oils been designed to contain the maximum amount of essential oils in optimum quantities. Although ingredients have to be listed on the product as a consumer you can’t know the quantity of any given ingredient, something which is quite frustrating. In Uma oils the rich quantity of essential oils used is evident when you open the bottles, in the scent and the feel of the product, which is reassuring given these are luxury products with a luxury price tag to match.

As well as a range of face oils Uma has a range of therapeutic aromatherapy oils to choose from. I find aromatherapy such a useful tool in my everyday life, we are all busy and stressed and science is now just scratching the surface of the benefits of using oils for wellness. The Pure Calm wellness oil comes in a 30 ml bottle, my bottle above is a smaller sample size but as these blends are so concentrated I have found it to last a very long time. This is a versatile product, you can use a few drops in a bath, burn in an oil burner or apply to pulse points, Uma also recommend you place a few drops in between the toes which is not something I had ever done before. The blend has a sweetness to it, with it’s notes of chamomile and lavender as well vetiver which is grounding. It is unlike anything I have ever smelt before, truly wonderful.

Jojoba oil isn’t the most expensive of oils available although it has wonderful benefits, but it is worth noting that in this case it makes a lovely light carrier for the essential oils, which is what ultimately you are paying for. The wellness oil has the most beautiful green blue tinge to it thanks to the chamomile, everything about it from the beautiful bottle to transporting quality of the scent make it a real treat to use. It is hard to find a bad word to say about the wellness oil, a single drop is enough to take me from on edge to breathing deeply, I can actually feel my muscles relax as I inhale the blend.

I also tested the Absolute Anti ageing night oil, a rich antioxidant blend of essential oils in a pomegranate oil base. Pomegranate is a wonderful oil for skin, with vitamins A, D, E and K. This oil again smells incredible, the essential oil blend is very unique, it has a medium consistency but is very easily absorbed by my skin. Uma recommend using 3-4 drops on a nightly basis, I found that for my thirsty skin four was the optimum amount although sometimes I used a little bit more. This blend is designed to regenerate the skin overnight so not something I would use in the day. I have tested this alone and alongside other products such as serums and night creams in my routine, being a blogger it is particularly hard to stick to a minimalist approach but Uma delivers results by itself, so if you are a minimalist who enjoys quality this is for you.

I use this as a final step before bed, so on the evenings when I would use some serum and cream I would apply those after cleansing and then several hours later when I was going to bed I would apply the oil. Like any face oil this benefits from being applied to a dampened skin, after much experimentation I found that simple rose water was actually best for this, given the active nature of the oil overloading the skin with extra ingredients didn’t feel necessary. I use the push press method to apply, simply take the oil and spread evenly within the palms and then push the oil in to the skin.

The interesting thing about this blend is how quickly you will see results, from the first application I woke up the next morning and was impressed with what I saw. It reduces redness both from active blemishes and red marks that are left behind, it softens and smooths the skin and leaves behind better clarity of tone. At this price point I don’t feel this is a product that someone in their twenties really needs, although you are never too young for good skincare. But if you are someone who already has a good routine, would like to see improved results and is willing to invest in high quality natural and organic ingredients to get there I feel Uma may be for you, think of it as a skincare upgrade. Skin that is beginning to show lines and other concerns could see rapid and impressive results as it really feeds the skin, let’s be honest how often do we give up on a product because it isn’t doing what it says it should, I don’t believe people would find that a problem here, given my own results.

If you are not in search of rejuvenation but would like the Uma experience there are also blends for brightening, clarifying, boosting the skin during the day and ageing so plenty to explore. You can find the full range on their website or at Cult Beauty who ship internationally. If you are feeling flush these are highly recommended by me. The only thing I would say is that I would like it if Uma made smaller sizes available, one to make it more accessible given the price point and two because the oils are so concentrated that a very small amount is needed, after months of use I am barely a third of the way through mine so I have many months of use ahead, good value but I worry I may not finish it whilst it is still fresh.

Last note on ingredients from Uma:

“All of our products are 100% organic, vegan, and free from synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, GMOs, and mineral oils. We test our oils on real women – never animals.” 

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.