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Beauty Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir

I have said it time and time again, but a good blend of plant oils is an essential in my skincare routine, all year round. Today I am pleased to introduce you to Beuti Skincare and their beautiful beauty sleep elixir.

The Beauty Sleep Elixir (£42 for 30 mls) Is a powerful blend of anti-inflammatory oils, made with 98% organic ingredients. Beauty sleep elixir comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump, I really like the pump as it is a nice change compared to pipettes which can sometimes be messy. I find the pump dispenses just the right amount of product for a full application to face and neck, but you can also use half a pump if your skin is less thirsty.

I really love the ingredients in this blend, it is always hard to create a product that will suit most skin types, but I think this product is fairly universal as many of the oils are great for all skin types. The main oil used is Camellia seed oil, which is light and easily absorbed and packed full of omegas. Next we have Chia seed oil, another rich source of fatty acids and anti-oxidants for the skin. There is also a gorgeous blend of fruit seed oils such as bitter cherry, strawberry, pomegranate cranberry and blueberry. These are all high quality oils with gorgeous properties for the skin. This wonder list continues with Sea Buckthorn, no doubt in some part responsible for the stunning orange colour of the elixir. Raspberry seed oil, which has natural vitamin A. Sandalwood nut oil, also called Softalia, which is a CO2 extraction from the Santalum spicatum plant, cultivated sustainably in Australia. What makes this ingredient so special is the triple bond fatty acid which makes it a very powerful anti-inflammatory. Another extremely interesting ingredient included is Caribbean Coral, again sustainably harvested of course. Only the tips of the Coral are taken leaving the rest of the coral to regenerate. I have never seen this ingredient included in another serum but Beuti skincare say it can neutralise enzymes responsible for processes such as acne and ageing. Finally there are some beautiful essential oils like lavender, geranium, sandalwood and neroli each with their own skin benefits.

The feel of this blend is initially quite rich, but thanks to the careful blending of ingredients, sinks in to the skin rapidly and leaves a velvety finish. I find this an ideal oil to use both day and night, there are no photo-sensitising essential oils and it makes a wonderful base for make up. During the day it can be layered with other products such as serum and day cream or used alone. I really like to blend this oil with a few drops of water based serum for a lovely hydrated and luminous effect.

The scent is beautiful, you can smell the lavender and the sandalwood but it is light, so won’t bother people who are quite scent sensitive. On my sensitive skin it felt wonderfully soothing and I noticed that when I used it at nights my skin looked fresher and brighter in the mornings. I think this blend delivers a wonderful ingredients list that with other brands you could be paying twice the price (or more) for, making it a brilliant buy. The thirty ml bottle is likely to last anywhere between 4-6 months in my experience depending on how often it is used.

Beuti Skincare delivers a shot of omegas, anti-oxidants, hydration and also helps to heal the skin. I think it would be a perfect addition to anyone’s routine whether you are in your twenties or forties and above. A beautiful new brand to check out. What do you think, are you tempted by Beuti Skincare?

This post is sponsored by Beuti Skincare, all the content written and created by me for my readers.
Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.