Pregnancy update: 22 Weeks

Well this pregnancy is flying, so many people I have spoken to have said that your second pregnancy goes by much quicker than the first and that is so so true! Apparently baby is now fully formed and just needs to grow which is pretty amazing. We had our twenty week scan a few weeks ago and everything is looking good so far, we took our seven year old and he was fascinated by the whole process!

I  have been feeling really great since about the sixteen week mark, the sickness has disappeared and generally the second trimester is a much nicer place to be. I have a few mild pregnancy symptoms such as restless legs, which my husband insists is something I have made up, annoyingly. I have also noticed my skin has been a little itchy, which is easily fixed with plenty of moisturiser. In terms of energy I alternate between thinking I am superwoman and conquering my never ending to do list and then flopping down feeling very sorry for myself on the couch, with not much in between. I only have a few more weeks left at work, as I have made the decision not to return this time and so I wanted to take some time to enjoy it being the three of us before things get a little crazy. I still will be working from home as much as possible but my going “out” to work will be over, it is I have to confess both exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

In terms of purchases I haven’t bought very much yet, baby green has about five boxes of second hand clothes which have all been washed and come up like new, babies really grow so fast that I wanted to save buying lot’s of outfits until baby is a little older and get’s a little more wear out of them, plus second hand is much more environmentally friendly! I did go and get all the basics that I will need for my hospital bag as I like to have that organised fairly early on, just in case. The only toy I have bought for baby Green so far is this Freddie the Firefly by Lamaze, my son had one of these and loved it as it has a hook so can be hung on the pushchair or car seat. They make some of the best toys for younger children. I have also been exploring eco-friendly baby options such as reusable wipes and breast pads and I will show you everything I have chosen in a blog post later on, there really are lot’s more options than I could find seven years ago!

My best buy this trimester has been my pregnancy pillow, I am aware that for poor Mr Green it is like trying to sleep with the tardis in bed, simply huge, but it is a small price to pay for a happy wife. It is great because it supports your back and legs, plus it was a little more purse friendly than some of the others. Sleep has been a bit elusive for the last few weeks so I have been testing out the This Works Pillow spray with lavender and Chamomile to help me settle at nights, I haven’t had it long but am already quite impressed, it is a very soothing scent. I received this gorgeous Mum and baby gift box from Mary Jean with a selection of skincare. Everything is made with simple natural ingredients and handmade, it would make a lovely gift and the wooden box will be reused for storing baby Green’s products rather than being thrown away. I have been using the Lavender body butter every evening and the Mum and baby lotion in the mornings as it is light and easily absorbed, both are very soothing and calming on itchy skin and the formulas are very pleasant to use. Another brand I wanted to highlight is the Green Woman, I have been testing some of their deodorants and they have a great unscented option, perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding mums, the formula is very reasonably priced (prices start at £3) considering it uses organic ingredients and performs really well. It keeps me dry all day long despite feeling really hot and bothered all the time, the unscented version has a sweet coconut smell that is very light and although it is a baking soda formula I have found it super gentle even though I am more sensitive than usual.

I will do another update around 28 weeks, if any of you have any parent blog recommendations I would love you to leave them below, I am looking for new reading material! 

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Ana Green

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