The quick fix – Herbfarmacy exfoliating cleanser review


Despite the title of this review, regular readers will know that I believe firmly in a good skincare routine to produce the best results and I don’t believe you can cheat your way to good skin. Sometimes though, when I am short on time, not feeling my best or simply not wanting to do a full routine, there are products I reach for that make life that little bit easier and can help my skin get back on track with minimal effort.

The Herbfarmacy exfoliating cleanser (£12.00 for 60 mls) is one of those products that I reach for when my skin could use a complete exfoliate, mask routine but I just I don’t have the time or the energy. It is an incredibly gentle product and I can imagine would be good for even the fussiest of skins. The exfoliation comes from jojoba beads (these also biodegrade and do not harm marine life unlike plastic microbeads, that do!) which are gentle, so perfect for sensitive skins. Where this shines is for slightly dull, congested, dry or dehydrated skin or a combination of all the above. When your skin is a little out of sorts and you need to address multiple issues but non of them are major, I find this brings back balance and prepares skin for any other products you want to apply.

It has a creamy clay base thanks to the kaolin clay and oils such as sunflower, but what I really love is that like all Herbfarmacy products it is infused with their signature herbs such as marshmallow and calendula, which add soothing and softening properties. You can use it just like any other exfoliator, but my preferred method is to massage it in to dry skin (no make up) and hop in the shower letting the steam get to work and allowing the kaolin to work, that way you get a treatment and face mask in one. It leaves the skin noticeably softer and calmer without risk of upset that you can get with stronger treatments.

Herbfarmacy products are certified organic by the Soil Association and they grow many of their own ingredients on their beautiful farm that is tucked away in rural Herefordshire, you can see my latest behind the brand post to see pictures of the herbs and find out more.

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Ana Green

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