Introducing Dames and Dimes (sponsored)

Sometimes green beauty brands can be a bit samey with their packaging and branding, so it is always fun to discover something that is a little out of the norm. The branding for Dames and Dimes is just that, a bit of fun with definite retro look. Add to the quirky packaging a brand full of concentrated natural ingredients such as organic unrefined Shea Butter, cocoa butter and essential oils and you have a brand with plenty going for it.

With Dames and Dimes the entire range is handmade and uses no water in it’s products, I have discussed at length on this blog why I think waterless products are a good idea, less ingredients and need for preservatives which are essential with water based products, great value for money as they are concentrated and you use less per application and brands who make them tend to make smaller, fresher batches. All in my opinion great reasons to use them.

Dames and Dimes currently has a small capsule collection of fun body care products, the ingredients lists are all easy to read and the labels are written with a touch of humour. I have been testing a couple of products so I can give you my opinions and a flavour of what to expect from the brand:

Lime Salt Scrub Ahhh this scrub is divine, with it’s heady mix of citrus, fine sea salts, Epsom salts and dead sea salts and coconut wax and apricot oil to hydrate. The perfect mix of invigorating and softening, perfect for the upcoming spring season. This scrub works perfectly and without a harmful microbead in sight, if you still aren’t clued up on microbeads they are an extremely damaging ingredient to marine life, so far best avoided for natural and effective alternatives like this one. You get a nice big tub of scrub for your money too, perfect for top to toe pampering.

The Intensive Foot Cream If you would like your feet to smell like mint choc chip ice cream and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? Then this amazing foot product is for you. This concentrated product is just full of lovely ingredients, we have mango butter and unrefined organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and peppermint and tea tree essential oils to keep feet fresh. You only need a very small amount for each foot, pop on a pair of socks overnight and wake up with skin that is super soft and refreshed, easy!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.