Pregnancy update: 34 Weeks getting ready for baby

I had planned to write a pregnancy update at 28 weeks so this post is a little overdue, but if I am honest I didn’t fancy talking about pregnancy as I was feeling a little down and fed up. My pregnancy had been going along very nicely, no complications at all, although they decided early on they wanted to do extra growth scans in case I had a small baby. This information did make me laugh as in our family all the babies born have been over 8lb including my first.

At twenty eight weeks I was scheduled for a routine GTT (Glucose tolerance test) due to a family history of diabetes and unfortunately the result came back positive. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is becoming more common, you will be monitored more closely and will have extra scans and appointments. The first week after my diagnosis I was in a pretty bad mood, I had an appointment with a dietician (which wasn’t very productive), a specialist nurse and was told how to test my blood sugars which I now have to do four times a day. Despite my initial feelings, I now feel much better. I have been diet controlled since 28 weeks but at week 34 they gave me insulin to inject at night to bring down my fasting levels, which strangely seemed higher than when I had eaten. As the pregnancy progresses and the size of the baby makes things harder on the body I had been warned my numbers may well creep up despite all my best efforts. There is a good chance that once baby is delivered my blood sugars will go back to normal, but they can’t guarantee that as yet.

As for eating on a gestational diabetes diet, I stick to a low GI diet with plenty of vegetables, lot’s of fish and red meat a couple of times a week. I have managed to eat out and have takeaway armed with my new knowledge of carbs and how to make better choices. I cut out all sweets, biscuits, cakes and chocolate and any empty calories and haven’t gained any pregnancy weight for the last six weeks despite the fact that baby is growing well. I also haven’t had any heartburn since diagnosis due to eating three smaller meals and one or two snacks a day, so not all bad news at all. My skin has been positively glowing, with all the avocado, smoked salmon (I crave them constantly!) and lack of sugar, it’s always so easy to forget that nutrition really does matter more perhaps than any skincare routine.

Aside from the diabetes I have been feeling great. Baby was happy in the last scan, it was lovely to see how much bigger they are at 32 weeks compared to previous scans. I have had two different sonographers tell me it is a girl so I am hoping they are correct. Everything else aside, I do get a little more tired than usual, but I think that is to be expected and I am simply trying to slow down.

I have now finished all my mayor baby purchases and Mr Green has finished decorating the nursery and building the few furniture bit’s we have bought. For my pram I decided to go for the Silvercross Pioneer in cherry red and I am very pleased with how it looks. The carrycot is incredibly soft and is approved for overnight sleeping so I think we will get a lot of use out of it. My other major purchase was the Snuzpod (pictured above), which was something I knew I wanted to get from early on in my pregnancy. It is a lovely crib that attaches to your bed or can be used as a standalone option, it feels very sturdy and even Mr Green commented on the fact that it seemed built to last. I also got the sheets, mattress and mattress protector so may well do a full review after I have been using it for a while as it really is a lovely product.

Aside from my growing belly the rest of me seems to be getting smaller (thanks to the lack of sugar!), as I got a few stretch marks with my first, I am easing any itching and discomfort with lot’s of hydration. I haven’t been skimpy with product this pregnancy and I use an oil or body butter (sometimes both!) twice a day without fail. My only rule is that I prefer plant oils, both for the way they feel on the skin and for their effects but luckily there are lot’s of lovely options to choose from. I have gone through lot’s of products so far but currently I am using the Super Stretchy Miracle oil from Love Boo (£15.99 for 100 mls) during the day as it is lovely and light and the Green People Body Butter (£21 for 135 mls) at night as it is a lovely rich body butter. I will do a full review of each soon.

I have been buying a variety of more eco-friendly, cloth and also budget nappies, wipes and other products to do a big comparison post when I have had a chance to test all the options available. At the moment I feel like the eco-friendly baby product market is a bit of a minefield so I am hoping that it will be useful for others who feel the same. This will be my last pregnancy update but there will be some other pregnancy related Mum and baby posts to come.

I can’t quite believe how quick this time has gone, although I am ready to feel like me again, there is a little bit of sadness knowing that this is the last time I will going through this incredible journey.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.