The cream of the crop: Moogoo products


Australia is home to some fantastic natural brands and todays brand has been a brilliant and very pleasant discovery. The brand has a quirky and unusual start up story involving a cream originally destined for Cows udders, the founders mother used this concoction that kept the udders supple for her skin condition and he went about adapting it for use in humans. Fast forward to today and the brand has a fantastic selection of products from skincare and body care to make up all made with natural ingredients. MooGoo caters for the whole family, has very affordable prices and they are available worldwide.

MooGoo has one of the best websites I have ever seen, every product has a breakdown of the INCI (International nomenclature of ingredients) in plain easy to understand English for those that what to check all the ingredients or have specific requirements. The variety of products is also impressive, I have my eye on some of the make up items as they have talc free pressed powder options for blushes which look fab as well as vegan lipsticks.

If you are looking for a very gentle shampoo and conditioner for an irritated scalp then look no further than the Milk Shampoo (£11.90 for 500 mls) and Cream conditioner (£11.90 for 500 mls). Aside from the obvious excellent value for money they products work very nicely for a slightly dry hair or scalp, leaving it soft and very manageable. You may want to pair it with something slightly more cleansing once a week if you are prone to build up or have slightly more greasy hair. Also great for everyday is the Strawberry tinted lip balm (£3.90), carmine free and providing a hint of colour and lot’s of hydration, perfect for everyday use. The Fresh Cream deodorant (£5.90) is an aluminium free deodorant that comes in a roller format, it uses milk of magnesia, lemon myrtle and witch hazel to neutralise any odours. This doesn’t have a noticeable scent or fragrance which was actually a nice change and perfect if you want something that won’t clash with any other scents. The texture is quite wet as it is a clear liquid so it does need a few moments to dry, when applied I found it incredibly effective at keeping odours at bay and at a great price.

MooGoo is a fun and quirky brand that doesn’t disappoint in ingredients and performance with lot’s of products to explore. Does MooGoo take your fancy?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.