Greener baby: Change bag essentials

Baby Green is almost ten weeks old, I really can’t believe it, time flies when you are sleep deprived, I jest (kinda!). As we are out and about a great deal, I thought I would show you some of the green favourites that are in my change bag. A well stocked change bag is essential with babies and children, I dread to think how many nappies I have changed already but it is probably a lot.

I am currently building a cloth nappy stash and have a gorgeous wet bag and reusable wipes to show you in another post, but for the first few weeks I used more eco-friendly disposable items whilst I was still recovering from the birth. I have been testing out a variety of more eco-friendly nappies and testing them out against regular disposables to compare their performance, my favourites so far have been from Beaming baby. Their mini nappies cost £4.99 for 20, this is more expensive than other regular premium brands without a doubt, for example pampers are £3.75 for 22 nappies, but on balance I still prefer Beaming baby. Beaming baby claim they use 54% less chemicals than standard nappies, a quick google reveals that could include petrochemicals and gel cores. Beaming baby nappies can be composted and biodegrade far quicker than standard nappies. In terms of performance, they fit Baby Green really well and we have never had a leak or any nappy rash even using them overnight. They also don’t have any unpleasant smell like some of the standard disposables and are softer than some of the other eco-disposables, which is why I chose them for the newborn stage. If paying extra is not an issue I would recommend them, you can save by bulk buying on their site. Incidentally if budget is an issue I found that some of the supermarket brand disposables performed far better than the premium brands, so that is worth considering if using regular nappies.

It’s recommended that you use nothing but cotton wool and water on a babies delicate skin for the first month of their life and although it is tempting to reach for the baby wipes for ease, I personally found these large cotton squares from Organyc perfect for nappy changes and a quick top and tail in the morning. The squares are made from very soft organic cotton and I found you generally only needed one per nappy change, meaning the packet lasts a long time.

When it comes to nappy change cream I have always used the Weleda Calendula nappy change cream for both children. I am currently carrying around some sachets I have from online orders but I also use the travel sized tubes a lot to save space, at home I keep a full size tube and several spares at all times. At the slightest hint of soreness I apply this and it works quickly to soothe the skin, generally by the next change the skin is back to normal, brilliant stuff. A multi-purpose balm is also a perfect change bag addition for both mother and baby. I adore True Organics of Sweden- All you need is me balm, this wonderful product contains softening organic plant oils and is fragrance free, so suitable even for delicate baby skin. I love it as a lip balm, for dry skin on myself and baby, for scraped knees and even as a hand balm after washing my hands, a really good multi-tasker. The practical tube packaging is made out of sugarcane, so is eco-friendly as well travel friendly. Everyone needs this product! My final essential is the Green and Spring Anti-bacterial hand gel, Green and Spring are a great quirky British brand with lovely products and this hand gel has essential oils of lemongrass, lavender and rosemary to gently scent the hands and a blend of Rowan berry to provide anti-bacterial protection. Unlike other hand gels it is alcohol free so not at all drying and the scent is absolutely gorgeous.

Those are a few things I can’t live without in my change bag, I would love to know what Mum and baby products do you carry around with you?

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Ana Green

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