Freida’s Feeding Food review

I don’t usually review many snacks or food items on the blog, but I thought these were such a sweet and fun idea. For those of you who don’t know Baby Green is now almost four months old and is exclusively breastfed from birth.
Breastfeeding is a very natural thing to do, I have fed two babies now, but it is an example of how natural isn’t always easy. I thought this time around I wouldn’t worry as much as I did with my first, and to extent that was true, but I still found myself doubting whether my supply was good enough, especially in the early weeks.

As a new mother finding time to look after yourself is so hard at first, I remember wondering how on earth I was going to eat when Mr Green went back to work, especially as Baby Green loved to cluster feed throughout the evening from birth to around 13 weeks. Snacks are your best friend when Breastfeeding, I have never done anything that has made as hungry or thirsty, so you soon learn to eat most of your meals one handed whilst feeding a baby at the same time. For that reason alone these feeding food bars from Freida’s pantry are such a cute idea, a well balanced wholesome snack designed exclusively for Breastfeeding Mums that are perfect for popping in the change bag to have when out and about or during those long cluster feeds.

What sets Freidas Feeding food apart from other cereal bars, is that the ingredients chosen are all perfect for Breastfeeding and some have been traditionally used as galactagogues (to increase milk supply). The bars contain  a mixture of oats, almonds, quinoa, chia seeds, pistachios, fennel and flaxseed and are very tasty. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of fennel I found the taste very manageable as the other ingredients softened it quite a bit,  they are also an easy way to get a healthy dose of protein and fats without having to cook a thing.

I really liked the story behind the bars, as for my actual milk supply I felt I was struggling in the early weeks and babies weight gain wasn’t great initially. I found concentrating as much as possible on feeding and taking the best care of myself possible was the answer, after a few weeks my supply and my confidence were given a boost and Baby Green is now doing brilliantly at every weigh in. I would certainly recommend these bars are a healthy snack, if you genuinely have low supply then I wouldn’t rely on them solely to remedy it, but they are tasty, healthy and not at all expensive for the quality of ingredients so definitely worth a try. You can find them here at

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Ana Green

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