The Chuckling Goat Calm down Kefir tool kit

If I was to put this Calm down toolkit in a category, it would be filed under products that are as soothing for the soul as they are for the face and body. These simple but effective products from the Chuckling goat are simply lovely, I have spoken before about this beautiful brand that champions goats milk and kefir as it’s star ingredients.

What I love about the chuckling goat is that they cater for the whole family, with ranges for sensitive skins, babies and a wonderful range perfect for acne prone and teenage skin. The cleanser and lotion are multi-purpose, perfect for anyone who likes to keep a really simple routine and can be used for face and body. I really like using the cleanser as a hand wash too, gentle but leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. You can buy each product individually or as a kit with a supply of Goats milk kefir to heal skin from the inside out thanks to the healthy bacteria to feed the gut. The lotion is lovely and moisturising without being heavy and has a great blend of olive and oat oils to soothe the skin.

Research is just starting to show the wonderful benefits of good bacteria and although the importance of gut bacteria has been known for some time we are just starting to understand that the skin has it’s own particular microbiome too. The Chuckling goat are very unique in their approach, because it all starts with their own goats farm, meaning they have complete control over the conditions of the animals and of course enabling them to create wonderful products with the milk, including the fantastic skincare range and kefir. Kefir is a wonderful product, great for adding to smoothies in the morning, when I tried it I felt a real increase in my energy levels and wellbeing and I can’t wait to use some again to reboot my system.

The bath melts are a household favourite, my son loves these too! Pop one in a running bath and let the mix of coconut oil and cocoa butter melt for a wonderfully nourishing bath. The gentle mix of lavender in the calm down products is really wonderful and one I often reach for. You can shop the whole Chuckling goat range at and prices start at a very reasonable £4.95. Also worth checking out is the Goat cam, where you can see what the goats are up to on the farm!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.