Weleda nursing oil review

Last week was world breastfeeding week, a chance to raise awareness and celebrate something that is so important for Mums and babies. This is my second time breastfeeding, sadly my journey with my first came to end before I would have liked due to illness, but this time around Baby Green is still exclusively breastfed at nineteen weeks and I am hoping to continue for as long as she would still like to nurse.

I mentioned this gorgeous oil from Weleda in my Feeding essentials post and I thought I would update my experience with it now that I have been using it regularly. I actually started to use this before Baby Green was born, around week 36 of pregnancy. As I had developed gestational diabetes, I knew I was going to be induced at 38 weeks so was getting myself prepared. One of the risks of gestational diabetes is that babies blood sugars can drop too low in the first hours after birth, so my midwives advised me that baby would have their blood sugars measured every few hours and if they dropped too beyond a set level she would have to be supplemented.

As I was extremely keen to get breastfeeding off to a great start, I was feeling a little anxious about the idea of things going wrong just a few hours after birth. At my final midwife appointment I was given a leaflet and a handful of syringes and told to express some colostrum to give to baby rather than formula, so off I went home in the hopes of filling them.

It turns out expressing colostrum isn’t all that easy, I was stressed and was getting the tiniest amounts at first. That’s when I remembered that Weleda had kindly sent me their Nursing oil (£9.95 for 50 mls) and I turned a bit of a corner. Using the oil for massage before trying to express made a huge difference. The oil is made of all natural plant oils, including sweet almond, Marjoram, fennel and caraway to stimulate milk production, making it brilliant for breast massage and if like me you have to express milk or colostrum using this oil to get milk flowing is incredibly useful, without it I struggle to express anything at all. The oil also feels beautifully nourishing and pampering to use, I would highly recommend it for all mums planning to breastfeed. In the end I sat up all night feeding my new baby, she latched on like a dream and her blood sugars were perfect so no need for my syringes full of liquid gold. It was though incredibly reassuring to have them with me on the ward and I felt like I had done as much as possible to give her the best start.

I say it again and again but I adore Weleda for their ethics and ingredients and the Mum and Baby line is a big hit in my household having used lot’s of their products both on myself and two babies! Are you currently a breastfeeding mama? Did you find any products to help you?

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Ana Green

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