Organic Beauty week – Blogger favourites


Continuing with the organic beauty week theme, I thought I would ask some other fabulous bloggers what their favourite certified organic product is. I love reading these ladies posts and I love a good nosey in people’s beauty cabinets, so let’s find out what organic products they rate!



Amber – Amber’s Beauty talk:

“My favourite organic product has to be the Therapi Honey Orange Blossom Moisturiser. It’s packed full of beeswax & honey with other beautiful ingredients that leave my skin looking radiant, glowing & nourished. It helps reduce any blemishes but it isn’t too heavy for my combination skin.”




Tamara – Rainbow Feet:

“It is actually a bit of a tough ask to name just one favourite organic beauty product! There so many that are amazing, but I decided to go with the one I’m currently using most. That would be Skin & Tonic Brit beauty oil. It contains only 5 ingredients: thistle oil, chia seed oil, borage oil, neroli and tocopherol (vit e, in this case certified non-GMO). Neroli happens to be one of my favourite scents, so I already feel like I’m in heaven as I catch a whiff of this oil. I only need about 2 drops right now since it’s still pretty warm and my skin tends towards oily during the summer. What I like most about this product is that if I need to save space when traveling it can be easily used as a hair serum and even as a first step cleanser (just use it like any oil cleanser and remove with a cloth, but don’t use it on the eyes).”




Petra – Be Healthy now:

Odylique Superfruit concentrate – This oil is just wonderful, one of the best facial oils I’ve ever tried. Its powerful ingredients will leave your skin nourished and make it glow but most of all they will tackle your fine lines and prevent any more damage from happening. With winter approaching this will make a great winter skincare staple. Highly recommended.”

Carrie – What I love Today:

“I was going to say Botanicals Cleansing Melt as I always have to have a pot of this on the go. However, for a change(!) and as I genuinely love this product too, I’m going to say Botanicals Nourishing Face Balm. I’ve been using this as an overnight treatment as well as a cleanser – a great multi-tasker when traveling”

Audrey – Mademoiselle Nature:

“The trophy for my favourite certified beauty product goes to Therapi Orange blossom honey cleanser. I love everything about this cleanser: the nice packaging, the handy pump, and most of all the really lovely cleansing gel. Slightly foaming but not too much; my skin adores it and feels so refreshed, but also feels very pampered by honey, the star ingredient of the product and the entire brand. The Therapi Orange Blossom cleanser is Soil Association certified and contains more than 90% organic ingredients. I have also tried other items of the range and are all outstandingly good. Happy Organic September everyone!”



Sasha – Balanced Beauty Bristol:

“I’m currently completely in love with Terre Verdi’s ArganShea Multitasking Cream. It’s the most intensively nourishing balm I’ve used, and is just beautiful to use on my ever growing baby bump – the essential oil blend is completely pregnancy safe. It combats dry patches like nothing else and is definitely one of my beauty essentials.”

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your organic favourites with me, make sure you go and check out all of their blogs, you are sure to find some great reading material.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.