New in – Bodhi and Birch Body oil collection

Cult favourite Bodhi and Birch has expanded on it’s current bath and body collection with three exclusive new body oils. Complimenting the existing range well, the body oils collection takes you on three distinct and unique scent journeys. I have been reading ingredients lists for a while and consider myself to be pretty clued up, but what I love about Bodhi and Birch is that there is always a new and exciting ingredient to discover and the blends are always so well thought out. I have written about Bodhi and Birch many times before, it is a brand that never fails to please me with it’s combination of eco-luxury and exciting scents.

Scent is such a powerful and evocative sense. I still remember the first time I tried the Bodhi and Birch Rosemary Chi body scrub at the launch event, it was such a wonderful experience and every time I open up a new jar it puts a smile on my face. Essential oils are powerful tools that can have wonderful benefits for the skin and mind and few brands use essential oils as well as Bodhi and Birch.

The three new body oils come in a heavy glass bottle with a pump, very practical for application, or you can buy them in a very sweet little gift set so you can test all three fragrances. The full sizes are £42, priced on the higher side for a body oil, but very much worth it due to the high quality of the oils used. I highly recommend you test Bodhi and Birch and products out for yourself if you can, my descriptions can’t do them full justice.

Sicilian Rose Body oil – I think this is perhaps the scent that will have the widest appeal and my personal favourite. The base oils used are safflower, macadamia and Rosehip which makes is wonderfully nourishing on the skin, but with a very light serum like texture. I love the deep orange colour of the oil, but rest assured it absorbs so quickly it doesn’t stain clothes at all. The scent really is interesting, because despite it’s name on first sniff it doesn’t smell rosy, but rather you get a rush of citrus such as lemon and grapefruit, however, when on the skin the rose comes through beautifully followed by the ho wood which creates depth. You get a very high percentage of organic ingredients in this blend and it feels like a real treat. It is extremely effective even on the driest of skins, I personally can’t miss a single application of product day or night without my skin looking a little worse for wear but this oil kept my skin silky all day.

Nordic White body oil – If you can imagine bottling the scent you get when walking through a beautiful forest early morning, that is the closest description I could think for Nordic white. It has a beautiful mix of earthy and fresh scents, Pine, Cypress, Black spruce and Eucalyptus are just a few of the gorgeous essential oils used. Nordic White is perfect if you are very active or want something revitalising in the mornings, but is equally good to relax in the evenings. I like to take a small amount and pop it on my neck after spending a long time at my desk as it works really well to soothe and relax. My favourite thing about Nordic white is that it encourages you to breathe deeply and take a moment, something that can’t be underestimated in today’s busy world.

Chinoise Blue body oil – Chinoise Blue is the most unique of the three scents, it is intoxicating and heady with a slightly addictive quality. For me it has a slightly nostalgic feel to it and brings back childhood memories of my Mum’s perfume. I would definitely say all three of these products are unisex, but I think Chinoise blue has a slightly more masculine feel to than the other scents on the skin. Chinoise blue boasts a wonderful mix of Camellia, Avocado and Tamanu oils to nurture the skin and Hyacinth, ginger, honeysuckle and blue tansy to soothe the mind. This is like no other body oil I have ever tried.

For me Bodhi and Birch captures the essence of why I first embarked on this greener journey. It is about using products that perform beautifully and feel special. Ethically sourced, good quality ingredients and taking time to savour daily luxuries, showing eco doesn’t mean compromise; it’s thoughtful beauty. Have you tried the new Bodhi and Birch body oils? Which is your favourite?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.