New in – Kjaer Weis refillable Lipsticks

If you are looking for a brand breaking down the myth that natural and organic beauty products are less luxurious and effective than their conventional counterparts look no further than Kjaer Weis. Founded by Danish born make up artist Kristen Kjaer Weis, the brand combines amazing ingredients, a beautiful colour pallete and luxurious packaging with an ingenious refillable system “Buy once, keep forever”. For me Kjaer Weis is one of a handful of natural and organic make up brands that I would rate as outstanding, every product I have tried so far has performed exceptionally and the colour palette is extremely flattering.

As a fan of the Kirsten’s lip tints, I was intrigued when I saw the launch of these lipsticks. There are initially five colours in the range, described on the Kjaer Weis website:

Adore – A deep timeless red.
Believe – A pretty plum hue.
Empower – A Flattering hot pink.
Honor – A Nude well balanced with pink undertones.
Love – A bright coral.

I opted for Empower which is a beautiful punchy bright pink. I am not going to deny that the joy of this lipstick is as much about the experience of owning it as it is of wearing it. The heavy weighting of the metallic tube with the embossed Kjaer Weis symbol is enough to make any lipstick lovers heart beat a little faster. I keep mine sat in it’s Red box, like a piece of jewellery. Just like a piece of Jewellery the bullet does inevitably get covered in fingerprints, this isn’t really practical make up per se but it is something I love and cherish. The lid has a very satisfying click when it closes, the kind of click you only get with something that is well made and that screams good quality.

The lipstick itself has a more opaque finish than the lip tints, Empower is very striking and pigmented on the lips with a semi matte finish. The colour reminds of a more intense version of the Romance lip tint, one of my all time favourite lip colours. I haven’t really had a chance to use this on a night out to properly test it’s wear, but due to the intensity I am hoping it will hold up well. The ingredients are very good, as you would expect there are no mineral oils or synthetics aside from a small amount of synthetic pigment in some of the shades. They are not suitable for vegans as they contain beeswax and some shades also contain carmine.

I have noticed when doing my research for this review that the ingredients list I have on my box for Empower doesn’t match what is on the Kjaer Weis website, but it does match the list on the Content Beauty website where I purchased it. On the Kjaer Weis website is states Empower contains carmine but on the box it lists a synthetic pigment as does the Content site, I went back and checked three times as I found it so confusing but I am going to guess that the list on the box are accurate.

For me the only negative of this product is the price, at $56 dollars or £42 it is the Rolls Royce of the lipstick world. Is it worth that price? As with any luxury product the answer to that depends, I think it is a unique product in terms of the luxe refillable packaging and the colour is incredibly flattering but you can definitely find lip colours that are lovely for a lot less money. Obviously refills do work out cheaper as part of the cost isn’t repeated when repurchased. For make up enthusiasts who love luxury, Kjaer Weis will hit the spot, it gives brands such as Tom Ford a run for their money. You can shop Kjaer Weis at Content Beauty.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.