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Brace yourselves, I have one of the nicest products I have tried in a long time on the blog today, the bad news is, it comes with one of the heftiest price tags. Getting that out of the way, Samaya is really a rather interesting brand so let’s get stuck in.
Based around the ancient holistic philosophy of Ayurveda, in order to find the skincare that is best suited to you, you must first establish your Dosha type. Your Dosha is set by certain physical and traits. When you go on to the website you answer a few simple questions and it will tell you which Dosha type you should choose for your skin.

After taking the test, my Dosha type is Pitta which says my skin benefits from gentle skincare as it can be sensitive and irritable, which is spot on! The ranges are all very compact with just three products in each, a hydrating cleanser, an anti-ageing treatment cream and treatment oil, very simple. The Pitta Hydrating cleanser (£69 for 100 mls) is what can only be described as heaven on the skin. It initially comes out of the pump as a thick cream which soon melts down to a silky oil with just the right amount of slip to massage the skin thoroughly. This definitely isn’t a quick weekday cleanse for me, one because of the price and two because of the gorgeous ingredients, the skin benefits from having them on there as long as possible. I like to massage this in for at least five minutes if possible, it feels so beautiful it doesn’t feel like a chore and when mixed with water it emulsifies so is easy to remove.

The ingredients in this cleanser are very interesting, the cleanser has a glorious Jasmine scent which really relaxes the mind but also has anti-bacterial properties for the skin. Jasmine is one of the priciest essential oils, so most brands use synthetic versions which doesn’t have the same effect. Lotus seed extract is high in zinc and can be beneficial for blemish prone skin. Herbal infusions of Gotu Kola and Saffron have added benefits for anti-ageing and stimulating collagen. The cleanser also contains Manuka honey, Aloe Vera and Neem oil. On the skin the Samaya cleanser feels much more sophisticated than most other natural cleansers, but given the high price point, you would expect that. I have been using it a few times a week either as a second cleanse, or on those days where I haven’t been wearing/makeup and have been at home as my only cleanse.

The Samaya Pitta hydrating cleanser definitely lives up to it’s name and is very moisturising on dry skin, leaving it plumped and glowing but still very clean. It also is great for redness prone skin and has a calming effect from first use. This is without a doubt a gorgeous product, however given the price point it is never going to be a staple in my routine, instead I will be saving it for my weekend pamper sessions or time when I need my skin to look extra fresh. Find out more and discover your Dosha at

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.