Mum and Baby: Snüzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib (co-sleeper) review

When it comes to baby products there are so many pointless items sold to us, from plastic baby baths that will only be used for a few weeks to endless gadgets to make parenting life easier that end up collecting dust on a shelf. With my first child I definitely was guilty of buying things that I really didn’t need, but with a second child on the way and being mindful of my consumption and waste, this time my baby purchases were thoroughly researched and thought out.

Babies don’t need a lot to begin with, a small amount of clothing, a car seat and somewhere safe for baby to sleep to were all on my list of things to have ready for little ones arrival. With my first child I went down the traditional Moses basket route and I felt it was a waste of money, he was in it for only five weeks. This time around I knew I wanted to make night feeds as easy as possible, so keeping baby in with me as long as possible was a must, however we didn’t really have space for a full sized cot in our room. After seeing a few parent blogger reviews on the Snüzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib I was pretty much instantly sold.

  Snüzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib – So what is it? As the name suggests it is an innovative crib that can be used three ways, attached to your bed for a safe co-sleeping option, as a standalone crib and using the bassinet separately from the base. Unlike other baby sleep solutions the Snuzpod is designed to last your little one from 0-6 months, which is the time that is recommended that baby sleeps close to it’s parents. I purchased my Snüzpod and accessories a few months before baby arrived so we could have everything ready, I bought the Snüzpod bedside crib, mattress, mattress protector and four cotton sheets.

Snüzpod isn’t the only co-sleeping crib on the market, however after looking at the other options available, it was perfect for us and our needs and the only real contender for me. Firstly it looks beautiful, some of the other cribs are really not visually pleasing and although it doesn’t affect the functionality of the product I love the sturdy and sleek look of the Snüzpod. Secondly the option to be able to move the bassinet around the house was an appealing feature, although we didn’t do this often it is useful and we even took it on holiday with us in the boot of the car. The third feature I really loved is the shelf on the bottom of the stand, really handy for items such as nappies and blankets and perfect if space is at a premium. When attached to the bed there is a zipped side panel that can be taken down for easy access to baby, you can have the panel up or down, if you prefer to have the panel up there is also a viewing panel so you can see baby easily. I had the Snüzpod attached to my side of the bed, how well it fits does depend on the kind of bed you have but the height is adjustable so you have babies mattress flush with yours.

Mr Green commented on how well made and sturdy the Snüzpod is, ideal if you are wanting to use it for more than one child. The Mattress is made from Oeko-Tek safe materials and feels firm but comfortable for baby. The Mattress protector is lovely because it isn’t crunchy plastic but made of Organic cotton and sits flat on top of the Mattress, everything still looks like new despite being well used. The cotton sheets come in several options, you can have plain white organic cotton or the new Snüz designs which is what we opted for and loved.

Snuz Bedding set – Cloud Nine

Baby Green used her Snüzpod for just over five months before I gradually moved her to her own room. There are lot’s of pro’s to the Snuzpod and I feel it was by far the best baby purchase I made. Without a doubt having her so close to me made breastfeeding easier and helped me to get it well established in the early days, but it also made growth spurts and the endless cluster feeds more restful. Baby having their own space was brilliant for my peace of mind and I loved seeing her fall asleep holding my hand. I struggled to find any major cons to the Snuzpod, the cost is perhaps one as it does work out slightly more expensive than some of the other co-sleepers, but for me the additional features were worth the extra money. The crib comes in a gorgeous selection of colours, we have espresso which is the dark wood but they have just unveiled more colour options so I suggest you take a look.

The Snuzpod and mattress costs £199.95 and the accessories are sold separately. You can shop the SnuzPod here. Did you use a co-sleeper? Did you love it as much as I did?

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Ana Green

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