TotsBots Easyfit star and Happy Mat Review

It has been almost six months since I first put Baby Green in cloth nappies and it has been without a doubt one of the best parenting decisions I have made. You can read about why I chose reusable over disposable nappies in my first post – Why I use Cloth nappies.

The longer I use them, the more convinced I am of the benefits. Baby Green has never had proper nappy rash and only minor redness even whilst teething and I also find reusable nappies much less smelly than disposables. One of the best things about cloth is never running out too, best feeling ever to know you always have everything you need.

TotsBots are a brilliant British brand, all of their products are made in the UK which is such a rarity and one of the many reasons I support them. The materials used are all Oekotex certified, which means that there is no harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process which is much better for baby and the environment. The customer service I have received from TotsBots has been brilliant, I initially had some issues with my V4’s when I first started out, thanks to my wash routine not being quite right. TotsBots rang me back and talked me through how to strip wash the nappies and get them leak free again! I was really happy with just how attentive they were.

The TotsBots Easyfits are an all in one nappy, as the name would suggest they are a great all round nappy, the one I would suggest if you are just starting out with cloth. There have been different versions of the Easyfits on the market, the latest version and without a doubt my favourite is the Easyfit Star.

TotsBots Easyfit Star nappy in the New Elements prints: Soar (Kites) and Dazzle (Sun). The nappies come in at £17.99 each.

I have fourteen stars in my stash, they are a very absorbent nappy, easy to change and use and I reach for them often. They also seem to be Mr Green’s favourite nappy too because he likes the bright prints. There are three rise settings on the nappy, to take you from birth to potty (8 – 35 lbs approx.). If you are thinking of using cloth from birth then I would recommend you start with the TeenyFit nappies, which are made specifically for new-borns. They have all the same great features of the Easyfit star but in a mini (very cute!) version. Most people start to think about cloth nappies at around eight weeks, at this time, unless your baby is very small or premature they should fit the Easyfit Star nicely on the smallest rise.

Left: TotsBots Easyfit Star on smallest rise and waist setting. Right: Easyfit V4 on the largest rise and waist setting.


On the Left: Easyfit V4. On the Right: Easyfit Star in the colour Sugarplum.

The materials of the Easyfit star are a really soft and absorbent bamboo, this is one of the biggest differences between the two nappies. The Easyfit star is much more absorbent than it’s predecessor (which was a bamboo and minky mix), but that does mean a slight sacrifice in drying time. The Easyfit star air dries in my house in 24-36 hours in the Winter and in the summer that time is dramatically speeded up, especially if drying outside. I find that turning the nappy inside out is also useful to speed things up, this is not needed with the V4 as it has Minky on the inside which is much quicker to dry.

The other difference is around the legs, the Easyfit Star has clever stitch free rolled seams, these enable you to get a nice fit around the legs without leaving any marks on babies skin and a unique feature as none of my other nappies have this. The Easyfit star also boasts stay dry buffer zones to avoid any leaks, I have yet to have a leg leak (or any leak!) in these so they are definitely on to something with these features. The star is also slimmer than the V4, which when boosted (the booster can be removed unlike the Star which is one piece of fabric) is quite a fluffy nappy overall.

Although I love bamboo, one of the downsides is it can get a little hard and crunchy, especially if you air dry or live in a hard water area. The V4 has a tendency to get very hard, but the bamboo fabric of the Star is less of a problem in that sense. I personally find a short “fluff” cycle in the tumble dryer enough to get them gorgeous and soft again. I wash all my nappies at either 40 or 60 degrees depending on how soiled they are. I use the TotsBots potion because I like the results, but any non-bio will work well. You can tumble dry the Easyfit nappies, just be aware to be gentle with the heat and don’t overdo it, otherwise you could dramatically shorten the life of your fluff. If you are using the Star exclusively I would be aware that in the winter drying time will be longer as this will affect how many you will need in your stash.

An Easyfit star will easily last for 3-4 hours between changes. I haven’t found I have needed to boost these at all and they have occasionally lasted longer than the four hours too. I haven’t tried them overnight, purely because since discovering the combination of a Bamboozle stretch and a Peenut wrap that is my preferred night time option, but I am fairly certain that the Star would do well overnight if boosted and your child isn’t a particularly heavy wetter.

**Edit: We have since used the Easyfit Stars overnight a couple of times with no issues, for heavy wetter’s a two part system like bamboozle is a great choice, but for smaller children the star could be used day and night**

I adore the TotBots prints and the new Elements range is simply lovely, bright, unisex and very cheerful. There is plenty to choose from for everyone and I always look forward to the announcement of new prints. TotBots also has a range of accessories to go with their cloth nappies, one of my favourites is the Happy Mat, a lovely soft reusable mat that makes changes on the go really easy. The Mat is really plush and perfect for carrying in your change bag.

TotsBots Happy Mat: Bumbrella (£14.99)

All of the TotsBots nappies wash well and the waterproof layer (PLU) seems very sturdy compared to other brands, my only gripe is with the Velcro on the TotsBots nappies, as it does have a tendency to get a bit fluffy after a few washes. It is only cosmetic and doesn’t seem to affect the performance of the nappies at all, so it’s not something that would put me off buying more, just a minor niggle. There is no stay dry layer on the Easyfits, so I use fleece liners which makes it easy to empty poo in to the toilet. This gives the advantage of being able to use the nappies without when it comes to potty training so children can feel they are wet too.

We love our TotsBots products in this house, if you are new to cloth they have a fab Trial kit, which I would highly recommend featuring an Easyfit Star. The kit is how I discovered the bamboozle and never looked back. I still like my V4’s and there are some bargains to be had out there, but the EasyFit Star is a brilliant nappy and a personal favourite for it’s reliability. If you are looking for a beautiful nappy, that is absorbent but also a breeze to use these are some of my favourites.

Post contains PR samples, please see my full disclaimer for details. I was sent two TotsBots Easyfit Stars in the new Elements prints and a Happy Mat to review. All the other TotsBots items in my stash were purchased by me.
Ana Green

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