Introducing Isla Apothecary

I absolutely fell in love with Isla Apothecary before I had even tried the products. Those Rose gold labels started it off but once I had visited the website and read a little more, I knew I had to try the brand.

Luckily for me they were attending the Clean cult event in December and so I got to have a brief chat with the brand owner and explore some of the products. I love getting to experience scents and texture in person, it is such a nice way to shop when you are usually shopping online.

On the website it says:

Born out of my positive experiences with effective, botanical-led rituals, and a belief in the power of the skin and spirit to thrive with greater alignment to nature, each product is formulated to contain within a synergy of unique life forces, rich aromas, and potency.”

Isla are what I like to call pamper day products, the whole experience is a joy, from the pure, natural ingredients to the scents and feel of the products. Isla represents the ritual of self love and care that I so appreciate, especially after a long day taking care of baby and working.

Lemongrass and Rosemary Renew Foot scrub (£21 for 220 grams) I think most people would argue that a foot scrub isn’t strictly a necessity and I would agree, Most of the time I tend to make up my own, but lately I have been so pushed for time that I have been reaching for this instead. When you open the pot, a wave of happiness hits from the essential oils, the blend really is skilfully done and very fresh. The scrub has a base of Epsom salts and my favourite way to use this is but applying to dry skin before soaking feet in water and allowing the oils and salts to further work and soften the feet. Sweet almond and baobab oils do a great job of moisturising the skin and unusual to see baobab in a scrub. It’s not an overly wet scrub, which works well on the feet.

Blood Orange and Vanilla moisturising sugar scrub (£23 for 220 grams) I am absolutely obsessed with all things citrus and vanilla so this scrub was always going to be a winner. I find you only need a small amount to get really soft skin, the sugar is substantial without being harsh and the coconut, Shea butter and peach oils all get to work moisturising without being heavy. Isla has a way of making products feel so incredible luxe and pampering and this scrub is perfection.

Neroli Body oil (£32 for 100 ml) This oil is so lovely and perfect for dry winter skin. The blend contains coconut oil, safflower, pumpkin and rosehip and the scent is beautifully fresh, very Mediterranean. You have Neroli essential oil but also mandarin, Frankincense and patchouli. I have been searching for a similar scent for some time, since one of my favourite Neroli oils was discontinued and I am pleased to say this is a perfect replacement. This oil leaves the skin silky soft without feeling heavy.

I have loved every product I have tried from the Isla range so far, I wish I had bought some more products when I had the chance at Clean cult, but I already went home with a very full bag as it was. If you are looking for pampering body care to boost the spirits then Isla is a wonderful brand. All the products in the range are also vegan. If you want to find out more about the brand you can do at

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.