Just for Tummies Live Bacteria probiotics review

When it comes to supplementation I like to keep things really rather simple, firstly because I think that taking too many products can sometimes be counter productive but also because let’s be honest things can get rather pricey if you go overboard. I have been consistently supplementing with Omega 3 for months now, I really believe it makes a big difference to my skin and overall health, however during pregnancy I developed some digestive issues that I was looking for a solution to, and probiotics kept coming up in my research.

I have talked about the balance of bacteria on our skin being a trend that brands are focusing on in skincare and research is increasingly showing digestive health to be increasingly important in overall health. I have suffered with Irritable bowel for many years now, IBS tends to be the diagnosis when Doctors can’t find another reason for the symptoms, in my case I have been checked for celiac and lot’s of other issues, but nothing has ever come back positively. My IBS flares up at times of stress and leads to digestive discomfort, the stress of a having a newborn had led to quite a nasty flare up which had been going on for a few months.

At the beginning of January I started taking Just for Tummies Live Bacteria (£19.95 for 60 capsules), the brand was created by Linda Booth, a digestive expert and therapist with her own specialist clinic. The Live Bacteria capsules, contain two strains of bacteria to help digestion, particularly after a course of antibiotics. Each capsule has around 4 billion bacteria and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Having finished off the whole packet I have been impressed with the results, I take two capsules a day in the morning with my breakfast, but you can take up to three capsules.

I have noticed less digestive discomfort and more regularity, without going in to too much detail about toilet habits here, these have significantly improved. I have just opened my second packet for the month of February. I think these are great to take periodically to boost your gut and improve health, especially during times of stress.

Post contains PR samples, please see my full disclaimer for details. I was sent a packet of Probiotics to review and gone on to repurchase.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.