Tropic Skincare Colour click lipstick review

I have had mixed results with Vegan Lipsticks in the past, getting the formula right does seem to be something of an art form, but when they are done well it’s a major plus.

I get quite a few requests for vegan brands and products, I know it is something that interests many of you which is why I started my Vegan Brands list which is being continuously updated. For me Tropic Skincare has been one of the best discoveries of 2017, I am absolutely loving every product I have tried so far (skincare reviews on their way!) and so I knew if anyone could master a good vegan lipstick, they could.

The colour click lipstick has some very nice packaging, you push the bottom of the bullet to release the lipstick for a satisfying “click” sound. The metallic part of the packaging looks phenomenal, and the black case looks sleek with the Tropic logo. There are seven shades in total, a good mix of peaches, nudes and deeper colours.

You get a good amount of moisturising oils in this lipstick, Camellia, Avocado and Shea as well as coconut. Instead of beeswax a vegan wax is used to get the lipstick to become (and stay) solid. Unlike other vegan lipsticks I don’t feel like I have treat this one with kid gloves, I apply straight from the bullet and it stands up in performance to a lipstick using beeswax without a problem.

Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick – Shade Rosehip (£14)

Rosehip is a cross between a Red and a Berry tone with a very slight brown undertone to it. It’s very flattering, I wore it yesterday for my ten year wedding anniversary celebrations and I really enjoyed the look it gave. The formula is glossy and the pigmentation medium, making it very comfortable to wear but it does need touching up every 2-3 hours especially if you are eating or drinking. It fades nicely and doesn’t settle in lines or creases which is great.

Vegan lipsticks often come packed with synthetic Lake Dyes, to substitute for carmine (cochineal extract derived from insects) but Tropic have formulated these using mineral pigments instead. There is a lot of debate about colorants in lipstick, but I tend to think that ethically sourced minerals are best where possible, so Tropic are bang on here. I am really enjoying both this lipstick and the glosses from Tropic, I actually think their make up may well be a bit of a well hidden secret and may make it my mission to test it all out for you! If the rest of the range is as good as the lip products it will be a worthy experiment. Have you tried Tropic’s make up?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.