Skincare and wellbeing products perfect for a cold

I haven’t been well this week, it’s hardly surprising given there has been at least one person ill in the house at any one time for the past few months. It feels like it has been one thing after the other, especially for poor baby who has a had a run of bad luck. The upside is that I can test products under tougher than usual circumstances and report back on which ones have been helping get me through and making me feel less sorry for myself.

Whenever I get a cold the first thing that happens is my skin becomes drier than usual. I had a sample size of the Ermana Cleanse balm (Thanks to Beauty Balm and Sujet de Vert for the giveaway!) and it is perfect for skin that is very dry, it’s a thick rich balm with Shea Butter and cocoa butter. I find you have to work a little bit to melt this down in your hands, but once you do you are left with a lovely. It has a slightly spicy scent thanks to the Frankincense, it leaves the skin plump and nourished. After massaging off the cleanser with a warm flannel I have been spritzing the Raw Gaia Organic Goji Goddess Nutrient mist generously to seal in moisture. It’s easy to love this mist, I have had for a few weeks and the blend of floral waters infused with goji berry extract and delicious smelling essential oils make it a treat to use. It works really well during the day as a refresher for the skin too. Raw Gaia have great ethics as they are certified organic and cruelty free. I then add three to four drops of the Deep nourish Facial essence from the Rose Tree. This is a relatively new addition to their skincare line up and it’s one of my favourite products from the range, the ingredients feel wonderful on dry skin but are still not too heavy or clogging. Containing blackcurrant, cranberry, pomegranate and baobab oils, this is such a great value serum, easily competing with others two or three times the price, perfect for anyone who feels their skincare is needing a bit of extra oomph! The final step has been to apply the Rossi Uvema Astralagus and Shisandra face moisturiser, this is another little sample I have been keeping by my bedside cabinet for easy reapplication, it’s gentle but very moisturising thanks to the Shea butter base but is also packed with borage and rosehip oils too.

I love a good bath to blow away the cobwebs when I am feeling unwell, with a hefty dose of essential oils to soothe achy muscles and perk you up. There are a couple I go for; I have mentioned the Green Bath potion from Moa and I also really, really like Liquid Yoga* by Mio. Recently though, I have been testing Olverum bath oil which is based on a very old recipe, that has remained unchanged over the years. Olverum has a blend of pine, eucalyptus, lavandin and Juniper and it’s one of those products that makes you feel instantly better after a soak with it. When I come out of the bath I have been using the Comfort warming rub* by Roques O’Neil on my chest, I love this non-sticky rub (think of a much nicer version of Vicks!), it’s packed with essential oils and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, just like all the Roques O’Neil products, it’s a little pot of magic. It warms the chest slightly and helps to relieve tightness.

To soothe my stinging nose I have been applying generous amounts of the Sore nose balm from Handmaids, a fabulous little store I have discovered based in Bulgaria. There are so many balms on the market, but I am amazed I have never seen another balm that is formulated specifically for noses. This one does the job better than anything else I have tried before, it has a healthy dose of soothing calendula, olive and Shea butter. As soon as I apply it takes away all the sting and speeds up the healing process. This was also tested on my son who is a tough customer, but he loved the scent of the balm which is packed with things like cinnamon and cardamom, a total winner. Lastly I add a little bit of the Herbfarmacy Easy Breathe balm to the inside of wrists to help clear my head and my nose. I love the fresh scent of this one, as it has peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree as well as the Herbfarmacy signature ingredient marshmallow to soothe the skin. This little pot is perfect for carrying around with you too.

I would love to hear in the comments, what products do you reach for when you are not well?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.