Tropic Skincare Supergreens and Good skin day serums review

Perhaps one of the most interesting discoveries of the past few months, Tropic Skincare is proving to be a lovely brand that has exceeded all my expectations, both in terms of ingredients and performance. Everything I tried so far has been excellent, the brand boasts vegan and cruelty free status as well as using natural ingredients in the formulas.

The serums are my first introduction to the skincare part of the range, there is also make up (see my colour click lipstick review) and body care so plenty to choose from. Looking at the skincare range it’s not particularly minimalist, but it also doesn’t seem to be so extensive it’s daunting and you can find some items that natural brands don’t tend to stock such as sunscreen and self tanner. As usual with my skincare reviews I have had these months, rather than weeks so I can really get a feel for how they perform.

Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost serum – (£42 for 30 ml) Green by name and green by nature, this serum is a bit like a green juice for your face. This serum is formulated with olive squalane as a first ingredient, squalane is a light oil perfect for all skin types even more oily and combination which is why I think this oil will please people who can find other blends a little bit heavy for their skin. It feels very lightweight, absorbing well instantly softening. Also included is Tamanu oil, which is very good for problematic, picky skins and even acne. Kale, Maca and clorophyll, Sea Buckthorn and green coffee oil are all in there, I did warn you this product read more like something you would eat than put on your face. I apply 4-6 drops as my skin is very thirsty, you may need more or less depending on your skin type and what products you are layering it with.

I really enjoy this serum but I particularly reach for it after a face mask to give some nourishment back to the skin. It is worth noting that the scent is a little on the strong side thanks to some of the oils included, but it fades quickly once applied as does the green colour which you needn’t worry about as it absorbs very rapidly. When I first began trialling this I was in the middle of a bit of a hormonal skin meltdown, with acne popping up on my chin again and this serum helped to calm down the inflammation. I think this is a very good serum, well formulated with top notch ingredients. The price point is middle of the road, there are plenty of oils retailing for much higher prices that aren’t nearly as nice as this one, so good value for money in books. Can be used morning, evening and after masks and other treatments.

Tropic Good Day skin resurfacing serum – (£42 for 30 ml) Good skin day is an exfoliating and hydrating serum which uses glycolic acid to brighten and Willowbark which can help decongest pores. Although this is a natural product it is potent, you should absolutely patch test before you use it. Like most exfoliating products you can expect it to tingle on application, especially on any blemishes, the sensation fades quickly. I use this product once of twice a week maximum, it’s not a daily serum but rather an exfoliating treatment. I apply to slightly damp skin that has been misted with toner, on the Tropic website it tells you to apply to just cleansed skin but I found the gel texture to feel slightly sticky that way so I changed my method and found this to work much better. Unlike a lot of other acid treatments, this doesn’t include alcohol or other harsh ingredients meaning my delicate skin can tolerate it much better. It is worth noting that it contains propanediol, which is an ingredient that is a plant derived version of propylene glycol, which in this case is used as a humectant.

If you have acne marks, pigmentation or are on the hunt for an exfoliating product that isn’t too harsh Good Day is a great option. It is definitely best to use a good sunscreen with AHA/BHA products and always listen to your skin, it is easy to overdo the exfoliation an create more problems than you fix. I like that Good day is more than just acids and has a host of other skin friendly ingredients as well, such as hyaluronic acid and coconut water. You see results from first application, skin looks brighter and marks are slightly diminished. Regular use has been keeping my skin clearer and fresher and I feel like my oils and moisturisers penetrate the skin much better.

Tropic is a good all round brand and one that I am really enjoying exploring. Although they don’t focus on organic ingredients, or some of the other things that I would look for in a brand, it is nice to be able to recommend a brand that focuses on all vegan products. Expect more reviews soon!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.