Antonia Burrell: Biotech Pressed serum and Bright and light eye cream review

When it comes to skincare there are lot’s of brands to choose from, natural or otherwise but there are few brands that stand out to me as much as Antonia Burrell. Antonia is a skincare professional, lecturer in aromatherapy and believes in a holistic approach to skin.

Antonia’s line is on the innovative side when it comes to ingredients and technology, yes you will find some of the tried and tested natural ingredients but you will also find some ingredients new to even the most seasoned label reader. The fact that Antonia works with skin day in and day out shows in the development and formulation of the products, the results can be seen in a short space of time but they are also pleasurable and easy to use.

This review is long overdue, I have been testing these particular products since December, but I think an extended testing period is warranted especially when you are talking about a product that makes plenty of benefit claims and is a slightly higher price point as in this case. Although I am lucky enough to try lot’s of skincare products at all price points, I have said several times before Antonia’s is one of the few high end lines I would repurchase in a heartbeat. the quality of formulations, ingredients and results are all in line with the price point, something that I think is quite rare.

Let’s jump right in with the products:

Biotech Supreme Pressed serum – (£85 for 50 ml) A pressed serum is something entirely new to my skincare routine, but I think perhaps it’s something we will be seeing more of as it’s already a huge trend in Korea, who are always way ahead of us in the skincare game. Think of this as a serum/moisturiser hybrid, you have the same benefits of a serum in terms of active ingredients but unlike a lot of water based serums the texture is that of a light lotion. You can use this product as an all in one serum/treatment/moisturiser and primer or layered in a routine. As your only product it is recommended that you use three pumps, it is easily absorbed and leaves a velvety finish on the skin. I personally found that I loved the calming benefits of the product using it alone after cleansing and toning but needed a little more moisture, so often pop it under cream supreme or add a couple of drops of oil such as baobab.

If you are a skincare enthusiast that enjoys using a multi-step Korean style routine or switching up your products, be aware that in my experience this serum doesn’t play well with all other products and some combinations caused it to roll. As I don’t use many products with silicones (the main culprits when it comes to products having that unpleasant rolling effect) this was initially a little annoying and it led me to popping it back in the drawer for a few weeks until I had finished other product testing. A few weeks later a got it back out after I had used a facemask and had a little bit of redness in my skin, I thought perhaps this would work best as a treatment and I was right. Used alone or with Antonia’s products the biggest benefit I found is that it is wonderfully calming and soothing, knocking down redness and giving a lovely glow. It also provides hydration, but so do many other serums at a lesser price point.

When it comes to the ingredients and science behind Antonia’s products, I am always well aware that I couldn’t do them justice in a review. The ingredients list is not short, but is very clean like all Antonia’s products. You have antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and lot’s of plant extracts such as fig, apple and sage, but the interesting part is that there is time release technology that means the serum delivers these to the skin through out the day. If you are a skincare enthusiast do go and take a more detailed look at the technology Antonia employs, it is above and beyond my current knowledge even if I do find it fascinating.

Having used this serum for a few months I think this is a product that is perfect for more delicate, redness prone skins. If you are more mature the plumping effects of this serum will also be of benefit for you. If you use a lot of other products be aware that this serum really prefers to be the star of the show in your skincare line up, and paired with a less it’s more approach tends to work best. It compliments the rest of the Antonia Burrell line well, it is very different to Forest dew which is Antonia’s other serum and although I liked both I find the pressed serum definitely comes out on top. If you have relatively easy going skin and are just looking for a budget friendly routine, Antonia’s line might not be for you, but for anyone looking for a more professional and results driven line that is also clean and green you won’t go wrong with any of Antonia’s products including this serum.

Bright and Light Eye cream – (£39 for 15 ml) This eye cream makes some bold claims, given that most eye creams are good at either nourishing the eye area/preventing fine or tackling dark circles I was curious to see if this could do both. I have been incredibly dark around the eyes lately, given that  dark circles aren’t usually an area of concern for me they are obviously brought on by lifestyle and current sleep habits or lack of.

First off the pump dispenser for this product is slightly different to most eye creams, it has a built in metallic rollerball and you push to dispense the product and use the roller ball to massage under the eyes. I really love how cooling the product is when used with the rollerball, initially I was a bit hesitant because I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep it clean, but I tend to just give a good wipe after use and it doesn’t seem to accumulate excess product which is good. The cream itself works well morning or night, it is light enough so that make up applies beautifully over the top, but nourishing enough so that it feels suitable for overnight use.

Bright and light includes oat oil, which is brilliant for soothing and calming the skin around the eyes. I wear contacts and my eyes are quite sensitive to make up, so often have redness around the eyes which this product helps to resolve. I also noticed a brightening of my dark circles, for best results I found you have to apply morning and night, but I did see a difference after every application mainly due to the cooling rollerball. Although my dark circles never completely went away, I did see a marked difference and I just love the feel of the cream on application. I actually think Bright and light is very reasonably priced given how long it lasts and how well it works, a new favourite of mine I feel! You can find out more at

Have you tried Antonia’s line? What did you think


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