Spring beauty upgrade – Skincare and Bodycare

The sun has been shining this weekend and it has put me in a fabulous mood. I thought it would be the perfect time to do a seasonal roundup; I tend to do one for each season, as usual as of these products can be used all year round, but I have included them because they feel particularly appropriate right now.

Starting with skincare, I have been testing a couple of products that are perfect for brightening and perfecting. Generally nobody wants to have to wear thick foundation in the warmer months so spending some time on your skin at this time of year makes perfect sense. Once a week I have been doing a facial steam by Southsea bathing hut. I discovered this product thanks to a Pure Natural box and it is such a lovely blend of botanicals, chamomile, marigold, rose and lavender. You add a generous pinch of the dried flowers to a bowl of boiling water and let the steam work on unclogging pores, the water can be saved afterwards and used for a few days. It makes a lovely weekend treat and works brilliant before a mask to really refine the skin.

On days when I am short on time I have been turning to the brightening and smoothing powers of the Aurelia skincare Refine and Polish Miracle balm*. Aurelia make beautiful products, I simply love their ethos and gorgeous ingredients. This is a physical polish but it is extremely gentle so great for most skin types, there are no microbeads (happy fish!) but it does have a host of botanicals, peptides, probiotics and other lovely ingredients. I like to apply this to dry skin, it will apply like an oil based cleanser but you will feel the gentle beads doing their job. Next I like to leave it on for around five minutes, that’s because it also has enzymes that buff and brighten. When you are done the whole thing emulsifies with water, leaving no residue at all, but skin is softer, smoother and brighter after every application, simply gorgeous.

Another really gorgeous brightening product is the Oskia Renaissance mask*; I have been obsessed with the Renaissance gel cleanser*for a while, in fact in it one of those products I constantly repurchase, regardless of what other products I am testing. The mask is very similar to the cleanser, gentle on the skin but you can really see and feel the difference. It has a lovely light feel on the skin, not sticky or difficult to remove and it has that lovely signature rose and chamomile scent too. I pop this one on while I am doing something else, like washing my make up brushes for example, it doesn’t set on the skin and I have never had any irritation regardless of how long I leave it on the skin, I just love it.

Around Christmas time I suffered quite a few bad hormonal breakouts and I have been trying to get my skin on track ever since. The worst thing for me about getting a spot is that the marks tend to hang around for ages, I have skin that skin that marks easily anyway so I am always on the hunt for products that will brighten and help heal. I have been using the A’Kin brightening Rosehip oil with Vitamin C for around four months, unlike most Vitamin C products this comes in oil form so it was a breeze to add in to my routine. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, so this is one that needs to be used up within a certain time frame, the oil itself feels the same as the regular rosehip from A’Kin in texture and scent. It has a light golden colour and as well as rosehip it also has Macadamia oil which is brilliant for nourishing the skin. I have noticed that this has helped to heal my skin and I am much, much happier with my overall skin tone. It’s not a quick fix product, but I loved how easy it is to incorporate in to a routine, no need for a separate oil and vitamin C serum as it’s all in one. I add a few drops to my moisturiser daily and like to massage this in after a face mask, it really is versatile.

The lovely founders of Clean Beauty Co, have been very busy with their latest project Hero Beauty. It has launched with a single, but very gorgeous product, the Babe balm*. Babe balm is a multi-purpose vegan balm that is full of beautiful ingredients that are nourishing but not heavy. This balm can be used as a night treatment, to spot treat dry areas and even to add a healthy sheen to high points of the face instead of highlighter. The balm has some really interesting ingredients; camellia seed oil, Kokum seed oil, Brazilian Pequi oil and sweet potato extract are just a few. It also has Co-enzyme Q10 which is an ingredient well known for it’s ability to protect and rejuvenate. I fell in love with the light texture and fruity tropical scent, a great handbag staple.

Next up we have bodycare; if like me you struggle to get going in the mornings the Therapie Boost Hair and body wash* is a gorgeous choice. It smells fresh and invigorating, perfect for spring and the blend of spearmint, basil, grapefruit and fragonia is simply gorgeous. Therapie are one of my favourite brands, the blends are just wonderful and the little miniature sizes are perfect for travel too. Another beauty box discovery, this time from the Natural beauty box – Kissed by the Ocean edition is the Tose Apoethcary French Clay and Lemongrass Detoxifying body scrub. I love citrus scents in spring and this scrub really packs a punch thanks to the lemongrass. It is a fairly oily scrub with grapeseed and coconut oils as well as dead sea and Epsom salts. I like to use this before shaving to prepare the skin, the oil residue left behind means you don’t need an additional shaving product, but it also works well if you add a small amount to the bath as a soak. This is a fairly new brand I believe and a nice little discovery.

If you are a bath addict and not giving them up, even in the warmer weather you need the Weleda Citrus bath milk* in your life. This bath soak is the next best thing to sitting under a lemon tree in the Mediterranean sun, the scent is simply incredible and as it’s from Weleda you know it’s 100% natural and sustainable. Still on the citrus theme, one of the best discoveries this year has been the BODY LOVE firming body cream from Tropic Skincare, dry skin doesn’t really stand a chance with this this product. It contains macadamia oil, Shea and cocoa butter and it smells like tropical heaven. I couldn’t believe how little of this cream you need per application and it leaves the skin soft and nourished for days but absorbs almost instantly, I am obsessed! Another tropical inspired product is the Evolve Tropical blossom body butter, I love the scent of this body butter which is infused with Monoi de Tahiti. As it’s completely water free and has a Shea butter base, it really nourishes those areas like heels, elbows or knees.

The last product is a really good bathroom cabinet staple, especially if you have young children who will be playing outside a lot as the weather warms up. I don’t think a lot of people realise that Weleda have a large section with medicines and wellbeing items as well as skincare, this Calendula Cuts and grazes skin salve* is one that I have been buying for a few years now and it really helps to take the sting out of cuts and grazes thanks to the inflammatory properties of calendula. It also makes a fabulous intensive salve for hands and feet especially if they are sore or cracked, a bit of a hidden gem of a product.

Those are my current spring picks, I would love to hear what you are loving for spring. 

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.