Boxwalla – The Wandering Woman’s English spring

The theme for April’s Boxwalla was the Wandering Woman’s English spring, so the products are all about hydration, which is also perfect given the warm weather that has hit the UK this week. I have been nothing but impressed with Boxwalla, as the boxes are bi-monthly you don’t feel overwhelmed with products and the focus is on quality rather than quantity which fits with my wish to try and cut down the amount of products I use and try, not an easy task as a blogger. This a US based subscription, but it ships internationally, I am always impressed with the speed of the shipping and the fact that you can track the location of your box.

This box was a bit of a reflection of my personal life, it contains a quintessentially English product and another with a Spanish founder. As I am in fact half Spanish and half British I thought this box was perfect for me. This box contains two high end, full sized products. The Boxwalla box is tailored each month to the size of the products and is made from tree free paper, so even the boxes themselves are as eco-friendly which is a really nice touch.

I have had my box for a few weeks now and I am ready to give you my first impressions:

Amly Silver Rich face mist – This mist, simply put was love at first spritz. I am not one to rave about products straight away usually, but I just couldn’t stop misting this gorgeous product. Amly have managed to attract quite a cult following and this mist is beloved by Imelda Burke, founder of Content Beauty and all round green beauty expert. The mist comes in a dark miron glass bottle and the spray nozzle is absolute perfection, as it dispenses the perfect even, light mist. The scent is beautiful, I would describe it as a happy scent, you have essential oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Rose Otto and chamomile. This mist is named after the area in Sussex where the spring water for the mist originates, the water is silver rich giving the mist calming and healing properties. Silver is widely used in the medical community in dressings for wounds, so I can see why it would be an ingredient that would cross over beautifully to skincare.

This is not a product with a simple ingredients list, but all the ingredients work together in beautiful harmony. The Amly mist is very unique, the closest product I can compare it to is the Therapie Restore Aura spray which is also a firm favourite of mine, but I feel like I prefer the scent of the Amly just that little bit more. You can use the Amly spray in a few different ways, at the toner stage it helps any serums or moisturisers to absorb more effectively and calms the skin after cleansing and it can also be used throughout the day as a cooling, refreshing spritz and for it’s aromatherapy benefits. It’s really hard not to fall in love with this product, I couldn’t really find anything I disliked about it, it’s one of those mists that you will want to apply again and again.

Twelve Ideal moisture level serum – A very light and easily absorbed serum from Twelve that works very well with the face mist. This serum is formulated for a wide variety of skin conditions, such as hormonal skin, dry skin, skin that has been exposed to the elements and more. The serum is a very light liquid texture and it absorbs very well without leaving any tackiness at all. I was very interested in the ingredients list, which is based on the principles of green chemistry. Pedro the founder of Twelve is extremely well qualified with a degree in Farmacy and a PHD to his name, one of the most qualified brand founders I have seen in the green beauty world, making me all the more curious about his formulas. This serum contains plant based glycerine and honey which are both humectants, Mallow flower extract which is known for it’s soothing properties and other interesting botanicals such as White Genepi extract and Imperatoria leaf.

I have been using a couple of drops of this serum morning and night since I received my box and I have been really enjoying it. It is a really interesting product, but beyond that I have been fascinated with the story of the brand and have been reading up about the rest of the products too. One of the reasons I have been enjoying Boxwalla so much is that they have introduced me to some outstanding products, the contents is always different to that of other beauty boxes and offers outstanding value.

The next Boxwalla box will be sent out in June. If you are already subscribed then you will have no doubt seen the reveal on Instagram and the June box will feature the brand Earthwise, one that I haven’t personally tried but that gets a lot of love in the Green Beauty community. There are a handful of June boxes left, so if you want one be quick! If you are wanting a subscription box with a difference, then Boxwalla is definitely my favourite. You can find out more about the beauty box and other boxes Boxwalla offer here.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.