Earthwise Cloth pads review

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know I am a big fan of making small changes that can really add up. One of my favourite changes, both for the environment and my own health is using reusable menstrual products.

Before I started using reusable cloth pads and a menstrual cup, I thought the process would be difficult, fiddly and I had no idea of some of the amazing benefits. One of the main benefits is just how comfortable reusable menstrual products are, add to that you can save on money and you are cutting down on the plastic you send to landfill every month, reusable really start to make sense; so much so I think they will start to be much more mainstream soon enough.

I have been using reusable products for a while now (see more tips to cut waste in my zero waste beauty post) and have found the switch to be so much easier than expected. I did a little Instagram stories post a few weeks ago on my wash routine and how I store my pads and had some requests to find out more, so you can expect a detailed post on that soon. Today I have another brand review for you, this time it is the brand Earthwise from the site Earthwise Girls and I was kindly sent three of their pads to try and tell you about.

The Earthwise Girls site has lot’s of choice and specialises in reusable menstrual products and eco friendly items such as reusable coffee cups and even natural skincare and plastic free toiletires. If you are looking to switch your everyday products, the site is a great place to start.

Earthwise cloth pads come in three sizes and a choice of prints. Each pad has a PUL (waterproof) back with two layers of microfiber as the absorbency and a microfleece top. Microfleece is very soft against the skin, but also has a stay dry feel and draws liquid in to the microfiber core. Microfibre is a quick drying material, and I find these pads are dry in less that twelve hours even inside. Microfibre is also quick to absorb liquid, so can be used for light incontinence too.

Earthwise Cloth pads: From left to right Long (£5.00), medium (£4.50) and small (£4.00). Can be bought individually or as part of a bundle (£13.50). Colours Black/Kaleidoscope/Blackcurrant.

As you can see in the picture there isn’t a big size difference between small and medium. Both are ideal for very light days or as a panty liner. One of the questions I got when I did my Instagram stories video is would these be suitable for teens, the answer to which is a definite yes! They are ideal for teens, especially those who want to avoid the artificial fragrance, plastic and other things found in conventional menstrual products. Worth pointing out there isn’t a lot of bulk to these pads, which is great, I actually think they are slimmer than some disposable pads.

The long is a great size for night use, my periods have come back a lot lighter since I had baby so I don’t need anything too absorbent, but Earthwise say they are a medium absorbency so good for all but the heaviest of flows. I find the large has good coverage both front and back, so even when you move around and change position you are still covered. You can also use these pads alongside a menstrual cup, either as well as or as an alternative to on days when the cup isn’t convenient.

Earthwise pads come with two sturdy popper settings and just clip very easily to your underwear. They don’t move around in the same way a disposable would and I found find they give much better protection against leaks. Since I last wrote a cloth pad review I have changed my wash routine a little and stopped rinsing my pads before storing them in a wet bag. Rinsing is recommend to avoid stains setting, but I personally found it a pain, so now I dry pail and make sure I run a rinse cycle on the machine before washing at forty degrees. My pads all go in with the nappy wash as I have a small child and I use non-bio and no softener as that can reduce the absorbency of the pads. I haven’t had any problems with staining with the Earthwise pads as fleece is quite good at repelling stains, but if you are concerned about staining there is a user guide on the Earthwise website that is really helpful.

My favourite aspect of these pads is how comfortable the microfleece top is, it’s really gorgeous and fluffy. The pads are well made and I really like the available designs, the extra popper makes the fit excellent too. For every three pack of pads sold Earthwise donate a pad to an orphaned girl in Kenya through the Nasio trust, which I think is a great incentive.

I think these are great pads, they aren’t too expensive meaning that initial outlay is reasonable and they perform and wash really well. If you already use cloth pads I would love to hear which ones you like. If you don’t I would love to hear if you are tempted to switch. 

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Ana Green

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