Introducing LA EVA the art of organic beauty

When I first started my green beauty journey, I instantly fell in love with some of the pioneering organic beauty brands, back then though there was still a tendency to see organic as something a bit crunchy. Fast forward to today, you have organic brands making it to the pages of Vogue, organic beauty hitting the high street and making it’s way to even the most exclusive celebrity bathrooms. The crunchy image is really no more, in fact when you see brands like LA EVA launching it’s hard to think of time when organic wasn’t this glamourous.

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting brand founder Louisa Canham at this years Soil Association Organic Beauty week event, I instantly knew when I started talking to her that her brand was a real labour of love and a passion she simply had to pursue. Louisa’s story is very similar to my own in that she ended up in the beauty industry by chance, it was an unexpected evolution after a highly stressful career in clinical psychology. Although beauty and mental health may initially seem a million miles away from each, when you start to break down some of the principles of organic beauty products in particular, how they encourage self care and use beautiful ingredients and essential oils that can directly improve our wellbeing, you start to see that beauty actually can go far further than just skin deep.

What initially started as hobby to escape the stresses of daily life, has become this exquisite brand. Louisa started making cold pressed bar soaps and for years attended markets and sold in local independent shops. The evolution of the brand was organic, just like the ingredients; LA EVA has been nurtured gently and slowly. The brand launched with a small capsule collection of lotions and washes in two signature scents, both carrying the Soil Association logo.

Roseum – Is a comforting scent that is slightly uplifting. There is a warmth to it, thanks to the clove, but first you get the floral notes of Rose geranium and Ylang Ylang, which is cut through by the citrus edge of the petitgrain. It is the type of scent you want to surround yourself with to feel cocooned and nurtured.

Blu – Feels more herby and punchy than Roseum. It has a blend of cedarwood, chamomile and vetivert. Although deep and woodsy, the scent also has a beautiful freshness to it. It makes you inhale deeply and take a moment.

The body lotions have a beautiful silky texture, they absorb well, leaving just enough scent on the skin to feel the benefits for some time after they have been applied. The ingredients are all ones that the skin understands and recognises; coconut oil, cocoa butter, almond oil and rosehip, makes these lotions seriously good for dry skin. They are also effective multi-taskers because they can be used anywhere, the Blu lotion especially works beautifully on the face leaving skin really soft. The wash has a lovely spa feel and the bottles and art inspired labels alone are perfect for any bathroom shelf, but the beautiful contents really elevate your shower experience.

Excitingly there will be new scents on the way rather soon, until then, LA EVA is a brand well worth looking at for anyone who wants products that look, feel and perform impeccably. Prices start at £15 and you can find the range at

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.