The simplicity of one ingredient with SW Basics single ingredient range

I deeply admire anyone who can successfully grow their beauty business with a less is more approach. In today’s market where there are a huge amount of brands constantly fighting for our attention it’s refreshing to see a brand stick to a back to basics philosophy and not deviate from their ethos.

When I first heard of SW Basics they were trading under a different name, since then they have a had a rebrand and made truly natural products accessible by selling in Target stores in the US. The core philosophy however is the same; simplicity. Fewer ingredients, better quality and giving the skin simplicity is what SW Basics is all about. All their products proudly list how many ingredients they contain on the front of the packaging and that number is always five or less. Their Shea butter cream, which is a blend of shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil is a staple product in our house. It keeps everyone’s skin moisturised, including the baby. So good is this extremely simple blend that even Mr Green, who rarely has anything to say about products commented “This is really rather good isn’t it”.

Adina Grigore has listed her own skin troubles and how going back to basics helped, in her book Skin Cleanse. Skin cleanse is full of helpful tips, easy DIY recipes and useful information which is perfect for anyone who is struggling with sensitised or fussy skin. It doesn’t get simpler than one single ingredient. When I first started to explore natural ingredients and products I fell in love with the magic of a beautiful rosewater, the nourishing benefits of shea butter and the simplicity of a great homemade clay mask. Although now I have lot’s and lot’s of products always at my fingertips, each boasting to be the new exciting ingredient on the block, I always like to return to the tried and tested favourites or as I like to call them, classic ingredients. SW Basics pay particular attention to the quality of their ingredients and they ensure they are all organic, fair trade and certified by the USDA.

Rosewater is a brilliant skin soother and perfect to calm a hot or flushed skin. You can spray it directly on to the skin at the toning stage or throughout the day to hydrate and refresh. It’s also brilliant for mixing with powder face masks, so a useful product to have in your beauty cabinet. Jojoba oil is fantastic for removing make up, especially around the eyes. It can be added to your face moisturiser, used on it’s own as a facial oil and even added to face masks to nourish the skin. My favourite of the SW Basics one ingredient products is the Aloe Vera powder, this product is fantastic for mixing with clay as a facemask or even used on it’s own. It’s incredibly soothing and cooling on the skin and is perfect if like me you suffer from rosy cheeks that feel hot to the touch.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or are looking for simple but high quality ingredients you can find SW Basics at A Beautiful World* who ship internationally. Do you have a favourite DIY ingredient?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.