Ingredients focus – Cucumber in natural beauty

I distinctly remember my first proper skincare routine and skincare purchases. I was around the age of fourteen and my mum took me to the Body Shop and bought me a cucumber cleanser and toner. I remember the large green plastic bottles and the fact that the sales assistant did a little mini demonstration telling me how use them, including telling me to wipe off the cleanser with a cotton pad. I laugh now at the cotton pad advice but my Mum was never a beauty enthusiast the way I am, she slept in her make up and wasn’t fussy about products, so no one taught me how to cleanse properly. In fact that is something I didn’t really start doing consistently until I started blogging.

Although the Body Shop have long since discontinued the cucumber range, over the years I have developed a real fondness cucumber as an ingredient in skincare products and always get excited when I see it listed. Partly for the comforting and nostalgic smell and partly because it’s soothing and calming benefits, essential for redness prone or easily irritated skins. Cucumber oil is derived from the cucumber seeds and is light and easily absorbed, it is highly moisturising and works brilliantly in a blend. If I am honest I wish more natural brands used cucumber oil as an ingredient, certainly if you know of more brands using it do let me know! Here are some of my favourite cucumber products:

Myroo Superfood balm with Cucumber and Raspberry oil (£25 for 40 grams) – Myroo are a brilliant British brand with a great capsule collection of natural products. This vegan balm is very light and non waxy, I find keeping mine in the fridge the best option because it doesn’t seem to want to stay solid, even in the cold British weather but the gorgeous ingredients more than make up for it. As well as the cucumber you also have broccoli seed oil, which has a nice amount of “slip” making it good for facial massage, carrot, raspberry and avocado oils. A really nice multi-tasker, Myroo are rather unique because they are also free of nut oils and make all of their formulations in a scented and unscented version. Perfect for anyone who is plagued by allergies and struggles to find suitable products. I will be using this a lot this winter, as an overnight night treatment or mask and to spot treat dry and inflamed patches of skin but also as a cleanser.

Skin Owl eye plus* (£36 for 23 grams) – Ever since the lovely US brand Skin Owl has been available in the UK the eye plus has been one of my go to daily products and I always repurchase when I run out. This is a beautifully calming and soothing gel that has the added benefit of a slight tightening effect when applied, it makes me feel more awake and I really look forward to applying it every morning to bring down any puffiness. This has been one of the best products I have used as a sleep deprived mum, a single pot lasts ages and it can also be used a primer if you want your make up to last longer as it has a slight adhesive quality to it. Unlike the other products in this post that contain cucumber oil, Eye plus contains cucumber hydrosol as well as aloe vera, liquorice and jojoba oil. I just love the fresh scent in the mornings it wakes me up perfectly.

Angela Langford Angel Eyes (£19.50 for 10 ml) – Although I love an eye gel for it’s cooling and soothing benefits I rarely feel like it gives enough nourishment around the eye area by itself. I like to mix it up between creams and oils as a nice second step to layer over gels or alone. I love the silky feel of an oil around the eyes, especially at night and this one by Angela Langford is such a gorgeous product. Formulated with cucumber, argan and rosehip oil Angel eyes is extremely soothing and smoothes out fine lines. This eye oil is one of my favourite discoveries this year, I received it as part of a Natural beauty box I purchased, but the reasonable price and great performance means I will buy it again.

Mallow and White Soothe cleansing oil (£30 for 50 ml) You will have heard me talk about Mallow and White before; the line, based on a less is more approach has captured the heart of many a natural beauty enthusiast. This cleansing oil is my favourite creation yet, it’s essential oil free, yet smells divine thanks to that fresh cucumber scent that I crave. It only contains five ingredients, cucumber, rice bran, grapeseed, apricot and jojoba oils, to remove impurities and soften the skin. As it doesn’t contain any emulsifiers a nice soft, fluffy flannel to remove the product is a must and I just love the ritual of massaging it in to my skin. Perfect for skin that is a little temperamental, this oil is the perfect cleanser for those winter months when the weather can make skin feel raw and unhappy.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.