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I am big fan of using aromatherapy oils in my home, whether it’s for scent, their therapeutic properties or in my beauty routine. I have my diffuser on most days and I love trying different essential oils blends with different brands as I do find this is one area where choosing a good quality, trusted brand pays off. Essential oils can be adulterated and sold as the real thing, so it is important to shop wisely.

Tisserand is a brand that features regularly on the blog, I adore their blends of bath and body oils, they are truly one of the best aromatherapy brands on the market. They have recently launched their new look essential oils and they have been a key feature in my home for the past few weeks!

The brand has a big selection of essential oils, carrier oils and accessories as well as pre-made blends. I am a big fan of the pre-made blends already and I love that they stock everything you need to get started with Aromatherapy. I use an essential oil burner or a diffuser, depending in where I am in the house and I love using either a blend or a single oil depending on my mood.

The Tisserand essential oils are all fantastic quality, something as simple as lavender oil really varies from brand to brand and this one really stood out to me as a gorgeous fresh scent. All the essential oils are either certified organic, wild crafted or ethically sourced so you don’t have to worry about their origins or how sustainable they are.

I thought I would share with you some of the blends I have been using the most. I keep it really simple and only really blend two to three essential oils at a time depending on what I am trying to achieve. I also love to use single essential oils such as lime or grapefruit because they are so uplifting.

Refreshing blend – I like to use peppermint, tea tree and lemon in the diffuser when the house feels a bit stuffy or if I have a slight headache. Because peppermint is a natural decongestant it works particularly well at this time of year when everyone is catching colds.

Calming and relaxing – For calming I love to blend lavender and orange essential oils. Lavender is widely used as a calming scent, mixing it with orange that is a sweet citrus seems to work really well to make it feel a little more fresh. Orange is helpful to relieve feelings of anxiety, so this is one I like to use when I feel a little unsettled.

If you are searching for high quality essential oils for DIY skincare or diffusing at home I highly recommend Tisserand, they are a fantastic brand with a great variety of products. You can shop the range at

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Ana Green

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