Boxwalla beauty box – Recap and favourites

Recently I have been a little out sync with posting the reviews of the Boxwalla beauty boxes, even though I have been posting about them on social media, I wanted to recap the boxes I have received in the last six months and some of my favourite discoveries from the boxes. For anyone new to Boxwalla it is a bi-monthly subscription service covering, food, film, books and beauty (you choose which one you would like) that is based in the USA. Each of the boxes is themed and sneak previews are posted on the Boxwalla social media channels, so if you are curious I highly recommend following them, especially on Instagram.

I have been receiving the boxes for almost twelve months, so it seems like a good time to share with you some more in depth thoughts about how the subscription works and the contents. There are plenty of beauty boxes available now that feature natural, organic and cruelty free products, but there is a big difference in the prices and type of products offered. My favourite thing about Boxwalla is how impeccably curated the contents of each box is, the products work together to create a routine and each box is diverse in the kinds of products it features. As someone based in the UK Boxwalla has introduced me to some amazing brands, some of which are harder to find in Europe such as H is For Love, Henne organics and Earthwise beauty.

I know a lot of people dislike beauty boxes because they end up overrun with small sachets and samples, but with Boxwalla, I have only ever received full sizes or very generous trial sizes that always contain enough product to really get a feel for how it performs. I feel that by including quality rather than quantity, the experience of the boxes really enables you to get to know the products, not just through experiencing them for yourself, but through the information provided in the box and posted on social media. Each box reveal is a bit like a story, it sets the scene for what you will receive.

Whenever I post about these boxes I get lots of questions about the practicalities of receiving them in the UK and Europe, so I thought I would mention my experience for anyone who is interested. Firstly the boxes are tracked and you receive an email to tell you when they are shipped, this is reassuring, because there is nothing worse than being excited to receive something and not knowing where on earth it is! I have never received any customs charges for the boxes, but that is a possibility when ordering anything from the US and something that you need to factor in depending on where you live. It is worth noting the boxes ship for free within the US, but there is a postage fee to Europe. Even taking this in to account, I still feel like the boxes are very reasonably priced for what you receive. Lavanya, the founder of Boxwalla kindly sends me these boxes to review, but I can honestly say it is one of the few boxes currently available that I would happily subscribe to on a regular basis because each one is a joy to receive.

Each month the contents are presented in a bespoke box, made of cotton scraps. The fact that the box size is perfect for the contents each month is one of those details that makes the box stand out from the rest.

June Beauty box – Featured Earthwise Beauty, a brand I have been hearing a lot about from other bloggers. It contained three products: Nap in the Meadow, Ruby Facial oil and Farizad’s Veil sun protective powder. The standout of this box was without a doubt for me was Nap in the Meadow, which is a cooling and soothing aloe based serum. Nap in the Meadow is wonderful for taking heat out of the skin and has wonderful ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties such as turmeric, yarrow and German Chamomile. Ruby facial oil also has a really interesting ingredients list, including guava oil, sacha inchi and Tamanu oil which is good for acneic skin. I didn’t get on particularly well with the powder SPF (Farizad’s veil). I think perhaps I am just a bit too clumsy to be mixing powders in the morning with a toddler tugging at my legs, however I have seen others give it rave reviews, so I feel like I should try it again with an open mind. The box was a lovely introduction to the brand.

August Boxwalla Beauty box featuring Odacite and Henne Organics

August beauty box – Contained the Oleosomes time release delivery crème from Odacite as well as a Papaya Geranium serum. I have written about Odacite before and I still think the concept is very clever. The serum boosters can be added to any moisturiser and they are all formulated to target specific concerns. Papaya geranium is a blend for hyperpigmentation, although I don’t seem to suffer from dark marks I do suffer from red marks from breakouts especially on my chin. I have been keeping this serum for when I was able to finally get my skin clear, to tackle the marks left behind and I will report back on results. The Oleosomes moisturiser does a really nice job of keeping skin hydrated all day and avoiding those horrid dry patches where make up can cling. The final product is the Henne organics lip scrub and it is honestly the most delicious product that has ever come though my door. The Nordic berries scrub is a lovely lip treatment, I wasn’t familiar with Henne before this box but it seems they specialise in lip products with balms to match.

October Boxwalla Beauty box featuring H is For Love

October beauty box – Was a really exciting one and I can tell you it is super fragrant. H is For Love was one of my favourite discoveries from previous boxes and I am looking forward to incorporating Bara Balm back in to my routine as winter approaches. In this box there were three products, including a new launch. The Kinu glowing skin balm is a real treat. With a deep earthy scent with cloves and vanilla and a thick texture that melts beautifully on contact with skin this is one of those products that makes me go aahhh at the end of the day. Also included was the Rapha cleanser, a gorgeous oil cleanser with a deeply relaxing chamomile scent. I absolutely adored this oil, it’s gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for facial massage. The final product is the Propolis mask, apparently this one is a hero product from the range and I am looking forward to trying it as it has a whole host of interesting ingredients such as camu camu, turmeric and cacao. The reason I haven’t yet tested this is because it contains cinnamon and my skin has been known to react not so well to that ingredient, it’s always a bit of a gamble with skin reactions but I have been known to stop reacting to certain ingredients, especially if the formula is different so I think I will patch test when I have a quiet few days.

Subscriptions are currently open for the December box* – A Brief history of timeless things, featuring Lepaar and Dafna’s. I have written rave reviews about several Dafna’s products, so I feel subscribers will be in for a real treat this month. Lepaar is a brand that looks really interesting, beautiful packaging and luxurious ingredients lists. The overall value of the December box is $130, so as always a great deal.

I wholeheartedly recommend Boxwalla if you are looking to discover interesting, natural and cruelty free skincare options. Do you subscribe to Boxwalla? What have been your favourites? 


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Ana Green

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