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I have a new brand overview for you, this time from one of my all time favourite skincare brands Pai Skincare. I discovered Pai shortly after I started exploring natural and organic beauty brands, before this blog began and it has easily been one of my most repurchased over the years.

Pai are experts in sensitive skin and the brand was born from Sarah’s battles with the sudden development of a hyper-sensitive complexion. In today’s world where more of us are exposed to irritants, pollution and longer and harsher skincare routines it’s easy to see why many of us would be developing problematic skin. Pai products are perfect for you if you have unpredictable, redness prone or sore skin and is my personal go to range when I experience sensitivity, as I know from many years of using the products they always get my skin back on track. Pai avoids using alcohol, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, SLS and high levels of essential oils in its formulas, but above and beyond what they avoid, the formulas are very well put together full of skin loving ingredients.

If you thought that using a range designed for sensitive skin would mean having to abandon ethics in other areas you will be pleasantly surprised, Pai skincare ticks those boxes too holding accreditations with the Soil Association (organic), Vegan Society (the entire range is vegan friendly) and Cruelty free International (no animal testing). It is quite rare to find a range that is both organic and vegan, so it is one I often recommend to vegan readers.

The latest product from Pai is the Gentle genius body wash made for people with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis in mind. It is completely free of SLS/SLES and other harsh foaming ingredients and instead contains camellia oil and glycerine to nourish and moisturise. The number one rule when it comes to easily irritated skin is to avoid stripping it of its natural oils and this body wash cleanses without being harsh. It has a light, very pleasant scent and makes a brilliant hand wash if like me you have to wash your hands frequently during the day.

I thought I would pick some of my favourite products from the brand to highlight, in my experience all of the products I have tried have been excellent, but there are a few standouts. I am going to talk you through the range in the order you would use them, so you get an idea of how a skincare routine using the products would look.

Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating cleanser – A thick, nourishing but not heavy, cream cleanser. I have said it before many times, but cream cleansers are my favourite for a daily cleanse, this works as a morning or a night-time cleanser and can also be used to remove make up around the eyes either on a cotton pad or massaged in to eye area. This cleanser for me ticks all the boxes, pleasurable to use, effective but never leaving my skin stripped or tight feeling. It comes in two sizes, featured here is the 100 ml with a pump and comes with a cloth. This used come with a muslin cloth, which I will be honest was never much of a fan of, but now it comes with a gorgeous dual sided cloth featuring soft terry on the one side and muslin cloth on the other which means it is perfect for using daily with the cleanser or for removing masks. This is the one and only cleanser in the range and is suitable for all skin types.

Lotus and Orange blossom BioAffinity tonic – There are two toners in the Pai range, both in my opinion quite underappreciated. These are hydrating toners, there is no harsh alcohol or acids to exfoliate; whilst acids can be beneficial to the skin they can also be problematic if your skin is already irritated, so they are the first ingredient I remove from routine at those times. The formula for the BioAffinity tonics are the only formula I have seen that uses living waters which are full of vitamins and minerals rather than just relying on floral waters. It also contains probiotics and glycerine to balance the skins biome and hydrate. The Lotus and Orange blossom version is designed for redness prone skin, it is perfect for calming and soothing and it is one I often spritz throughout the day whilst I am working on my computer. My only complaint is that I get through the bottles rather quickly due to the size. This toner is good for dry, redness prone and dehydrated skin, if you are oily or combination their Rice Plant and Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic is a good choice for you.

Instant Calm Redness Serum – There are two water based and two oil based serums in the Pai range. The Instant calm redness serum is a milky serum with a range of calming and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and oats. I have recently gone back to using this serum in my routine as I was missing its effects, on redness prone skin, used regularly it helps make the skin less reactive and prone to flare ups. Pai recommend you use this at night, but I often use it twice a day and it layers well with other serums and moisturisers.

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – Pai has become synonymous with its rosehip oil, that gorgeous orange colour comes from using the CO2 extracts from both the seeds and the fruit of the rosehip. Initially when you pump this in to your hands it feels like it might be heavy, but in fact when applied to the skin it is very lightweight, and has an almost dry oil feel. You can use this as a serum or add it in to your moisturiser or body cream. The fact that it is a single oil with no added essential oils or fragrance make it perfect for sensitised skins, as much as I love a blend, over the years I have come to appreciate the power of simple high quality ingredients too. I don’t feel I have given this oil as much love as I should have on this blog, I have used it on myself and both of my children, tackling scars and marks and adding nourishment. It’s a very honest and useful product, it delivers great results and is very versatile.

Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day cream  – I have tried all the Pai moisturisers over the years, they cater for everyone, maturing skin, acne and combination skin and in this case skin that is redness prone. The chamomile and rosehip cream manages to be lightweight but nourishing, over the years I have found that sometimes my skin reacts badly when it is feeling sensitive to having layers that are too thick and don’t allow it to breathe. You can use the cream by itself, but I love to customise it with the BioRegenerate oil, by adding in a few drops and mixing in the palm of your hand you get the added nourishment of the rosehip, with none of the oily feeling you get from applying an oil by itself. This is a great “rescue” product, I find it especially useful when my skin is sensitised by the outside elements such as the wind, cold weather or switching between the outside and central heating indoors. It is rosacea friendly and free from mint, alcohol and common redness triggers, but it is also packed with Omega fatty acids, which are crucial for skin health.

Echium and Argan Gentle Eye cream – This is a great eye cream for anyone who suffers from dry or irritated eyes, if you have to wear a lot of heavy make up and need something soothing when you remove it. It is very difficult to find an eye cream that tackles every concern of the eye area, but this is nice hydrating option for eyes that are easily irritated.

Kukui and Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening exfoliator – If your skin has trouble with chemical exfoliation, but physical scrubs feel too harsh the Kukui exfoliator is a great option for you. It contains very gentle jojoba beads, which are bio-degradable and won’t harm marine life. The gel/oil base make this very nourishing but it emulsifies, making it very easy to remove.

Head to Toe Buriti balm – Good vegan balms are actually quite hard to come by, I am often left unimpressed by the texture or the efficacy but the Pai Buriti balm is a great product. It feels nourishing but very light, making a change from waxy balms. It can be used anywhere you need a bit of extra nourishment, as a lip balm, foot balm, on knees and elbows. The tube packaging makes it brilliant for carrying in a handbag or travelling and I often have it in my change bag for using as a hand balm after washing my hands. It has a host of gorgeous oils, including kukui, plum kernel and buriti as well as soothing calendula and is gently scented with vanilla.

Petit Pai – Pai doesn’t just look after sensitive adult skin, but also for the little people in your life too. In my opinion all baby and children’s skin should be considered sensitive and I am extremely fussy with the products I use on my children. I have been using the Petit Pai range on my toddler for several months now. It is uncomplicated and consists of two products; The Apple and Mallow hair and body-wash and the Apple and Mallow Face and Body Cream. Free from harsh foaming ingredients and with lots of ingredients to soothe and hydrate such as mallow, apple seed and oat, this is a brilliant wash for babies and older children. I love that it can be used on body and hair, when you have kids it is fantastic to have a multi-tasker to save time and space in the bathroom. The Apple and Mallow cream is a really gorgeous, luxurious cream that sinks in instantly, making it fantastic on wriggly children! The vanilla scent is beautiful and I will be honest, this is one I steal for myself at times.

That is an overview of some of my Pai Skincare favourites, if I am honest I could write lots more about this brand, but this post is already a big one, so feel free to leave any questions below. Have you got sensitive skin? Have you tried Pai?

Post contains some PR Samples and products I have purchased myself. The links in the post are affiliate links please see my full disclaimer for details
Ana Green

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