The Yogi Tea #7Minuteschallenge (Sponsored)

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Life is hectic and it can be a challenge to find time for ourselves. As a busy, work from home mum, I try to incorporate short moments in to my day to rest, focus or even pamper myself. These small moments of calm have become even more important since I had my second child, life with a toddler can be full on, so I need to find small ways to reset and unwind. For this reason I am delighted to team up with Ayurvedic tea brand Yogi Tea to bring you one of my favourite pamper routines in their #7Minuteschallenge. Read all about the challenge on the Yogi Tea Blog.

Yogi Tea has over forty herbal tea blends to support health and
wellbeing. As a pioneer of Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas, Yogi Tea is
committed to organic farming methods. Organic farming is important not just to
the quality of the finished product but for biodiversity, soil health and
health of the farmers and growers too. With Yogi Tea you will find the organic stamp on the box, which is an assurance of quality.

All the Yogi Tea blends are created with a unique blend of botanicals and herbs, each with its own flavour profile and wellbeing benefits. As winter approaches, I really struggle to stay hydrated, so Yogi tea blends offer the ideal solution. Natural teas are warming on a cold day, healthy and beneficial, so no need to choose between something comforting and something that is good for you. Something interesting about Yogi Tea is that each blend has its own corresponding Yoga pose, to amplify the wellbeing benefits of the tea! I really love this idea and it makes sense when you think of life in a holistic way. You find a yoga pose on each of the Yogi Tea boxes.

Heartwarming blend – Featuring basil, orange peel and chilli. Brilliant to warm you up on a cold day and get the circulation moving.

 The perfect cup of tea takes seven minutes to brew. It’s so easy to waste those seven minutes flicking through social media, or ticking off items from the never ending to do list. But instead of that Yogi Tea challenged me to find an activity just for me, something nurturing and happiness inducing. For me as a lover of skincare and beauty rituals I decided that a mini facial would be the perfect way to spend the precious moments whilst my tea infuses.

The first step is obviously to choose a tea you enjoy and pop the kettle on. I have been enjoying the Heartwarming blend, which is a delicious blend of basil, orange peel and chilli. This tea is a perfect match for a facial massage, as the warming spices also give a beautiful glow.

I have long been a fan of facial massage for adding radiance to the skin as well as feeling utterly indulgent. Its the perfect way to naturally pamper your skin and can deliver great results. This quick routine has been a staple of mine, it helps your serums and oil treatments penetrate deeply in to the skin and boosts circulation which will promote the skins own healing process.

How to get your skin glowing in seven minutes:

Start by cleansing skin with a gentle non-stripping cleanser and make sure you massage the skin for one to two minutes for a thorough clean. Use a warm flannel to gently remove the cleanser. You want to be gentle, there is no need to tug or pull the skin and I love to use a really soft bamboo flannel as it the gentlest way to remove your cleanser. I like to use this time to take a few deep breaths and feel more centred, breath in deeply for a count of five and then exhale whilst using the warm flannel to gently buff the skin.

The next step is where the fun starts; take a dropper full of your favourite facial oil or serum and swipe it across your hands and apply to the face. The wonderful thing about massage it that is can be perfectly adapted to your individual skin needs, I like to focus on massaging any tension away from the jaw and temples, as stress often accumulates in those areas. You can just use your hands or use a tool such as a jade roller or Gua Sha, both are soothing and cooling on the skin. Whilst you massage you will find pressure points which can be surprisingly sore, apply gentle pressure for a few seconds and then ease off.

To finish off the massage, I like to gentle stretch out the muscles in the neck. If like me you spend a lot of time on your phone or computer, these muscles carry a lot of tension. Gently touch your ear to your shoulder and feel the lovely stretch and then repeat on the other side.

Now that the seven minutes are up and my skin is glowing, it’s time to enjoy the perfect cup of tea. It’s amazing what seven minutes of “me time” can do for our health and wellbeing. I would love it if you joined me in the #7minuteschallenge, let me know what you will doing just for you, in the comments below or on social media.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.