New in: AS Apothecary Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate

It has been a while since I have spoken about AS Apothecary and a lot has happened for the brand since my last review. AS Apothecary was founded by Amanda Saurin, with a background working with homeopathy and herbal remedies, the brand is an extension of Amanda’s years of knowledge and experience creating a unique small batch distillery, making balms, creams, lotions and fragrance.

AS Apothecary is about slow beauty at its best, it’s a combination of celebrating the power of plants and the skill of growing, gathering and distilling ingredients. Amanda learnt the art of distilling whilst living in Levant, distillation is the process by which you obtain ingredients such as floral waters and essential oils. It takes the essence of plants, their aromatherapeutic, healing and nourishing properties and allows you to reap the benefits in your skincare. Mixed with nourishing plant oils such as good quality olive oil, pomegranate and rosehip these ingredients form the basis of the products.

Amanda has gone beyond simply making products with AS Apothecary and has expanded the business to have a physical store location in Lewes in Sussex. The store brings together treatments, events and of course AS Apothecary skincare with commissions from other artists and makers from the local area. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the store, but everything I have seen points to it being the very antithesis of noisy bright shopping centres and the usual high street experience. There is a quiet confidence in everything Amanda does and this is no exception.

Bringing together so much specialist knowledge and carefully crafted ingredients, AS Apothecary really stands out to me, not just because the products are pleasurable and effective, but because they are a daily reminder to slow down in an ever more busy and hectic world.

The Wild Beauty balm concentrate (£42 for 30 ml) is the latest creation from the brand. When you open the pot you are greeted with the wonderful scent, this is subtle but captivating, just like when you catch the scent of flowers travelling in the evening breeze. The sweetness of the rose gives way to an earthy depth from pine, with the essential oils being present enough to bring the product to life, but subtle enough not to bother my sensitive skin. The scent itself is very calming and would make a beautiful pulse point perfume.

When you break the top of the firm golden balm and take a small amount in the palms of your hands, it melts gently with the heat of your body to the thick oil. It contains a lovely mix of oils, jojoba is wonderfully light, but it also has other slightly more substantial oils such as olive oil and pomegranate seed oil, making it perfect for dry and mature skins.


I use this as a final step in my skincare routine, it seals in any other products that you have previously applied, sitting beautifully over serums and light lotions. It can  also be applied by itself, morning or evening as a nourishing treat, simply massage over slightly damp skin. The texture of this balm is really refined and delicate, when you apply it, it soon sinks in, leaving the skin velvety and smooth. If I am using it in the morning I find it makes a wonderful base for my mineral make up, ensuring a smooth canvas and a healthy glow that shines through underneath the base.

It is one of the most beautiful products I have tried this year, you can tell the ingredients and experience have been skilfully thought through and put together. It never feels heavy, but it always leaves my skin feeling nourished and supported, especially in this cold weather. Highly recommended for dull and dry skin.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.