Multimasking – Featuring Plant apothecary and Elde

The festive season, wonderful as it is, can really take a toll on your skin. As someone who doesn’t usually drink, that prosecco on Christmas day has been awful for my skin. Dry flaky patches and a little bit dull looking, not a great look.

When it comes to skincare one of the best quick fixes available is a facemask. The beauty of facemasks is that they can be tailored to what your skin needs at the time. I sometimes like to do a couple of different masks in one day, or target different areas of the skin with different formulas.

Today I have two facemasks to show you that have been getting a lot of use and that are perfect for a quick pick me up:

Elde Enzyme Treatment – This treatment uses fruit enzymes to gently buff the skin making it brighter and softer in a single application. On the skin it has a similar effect to the Oskia Renaissance mask*, although admittedly the Oskia definitely has the edge on Elde in terms of how pleasurable it is to use. I find Elde products very effective, but very functional in their packaging and feel of the products, this Scandinavian brand is fragrance free and good for sensitive skin. The mask also contains salicylic acid to help with breakouts and allantoin to soothe the skin, making it a really good all round treatment. You have to massage the formula in to the face to activate the ingredients and I like to leave on for around ten minutes, making it a good one for when you are short on time.

Plant apothecary Matcha antioxidant mask* – Such a wonderful, soothing and balancing mask. Perfect for skin that is a bit out of sorts. The base of White Kaolin makes it perfect for even sensitive skin types, I have talked before about my preference for white or pink clay for my skin type as others such as Bentonite can be far too harsh. It also contains matcha powder, which gives it a gorgeous green colour and is packed full of antioxidants.

You can add a variety of hydrosols or face oils to this mix, as it contains three simple but effective ingredients clay, matcha and chamomile it lends itself well to customisation. As it is a powder mask, you simply mix up each batch fresh and use immediately.

What facemasks are you using to rescue your skin this festive season?


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Ana Green

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