Wonderoos cloth nappy review: Real Easy and V3 Pocket nappy

We have been testing a few nappies from Wonderoos for last six months now, so it’s definitely time I weighed in with my thoughts. We absolutely love testing new cloth nappy options and use reusable nappies full time, day and night. Having a longer testing period means I can weigh in on longevity and how well the nappies last, something important when making an investment in reusables.

Wonderoos were launched back in 2002, by a mum frustrated that pocket nappies came in different sizes and so the “one size” nappy was born, a style that is really popular now. Wonderoos have scooped lots of awards over the years, including Favourite pocket nappy in the Go Real awards.

Baby Green has been testing two of the Wonderoos nappy designs, we have put both nappies through their paces with months of use and washing and we were pleased with how they performed.

Wonderoos Wet bag and V3 pocket nappy Dinosaurs

Wonderoos V3 Pocket nappy (£15.50) – These are birth to potty nappies covering an approximate range of 8-35 lbs in weight. This one size pocket nappy comes with popper closure and poppers to adjust the rise setting. Wonderoos feature a generous pocket and a stay dry microterry lining, meaning that babies skin stays dry. It features two inserts so you can customise the nappy depending on the age of the baby. For smaller babies, there is a small microfiber insert which dries really quickly, making life easier in the early days when baby needs changing more often. As baby grows you can add the bamboo insert, as its folded to fit the nappy it cleverly cuts drying time when hung up.

Wonderoos V3 Pocket nappy inserts

One of the most unique features of nappy is the lovely soft ruffle around the legs. For parents and carers who are new to cloth, learning to fit the nappies correctly can be an issue, which is why this feature is so useful. The leg fitting means baby stays comfortable as it doesn’t leave any marks but in our experience also helps to avoid leaks which is brilliant.

We really like the V3 Pocket version of the Wonderoos. Our favourite features are the bright gender neutral prints and the fantastic comfortable yet reliable fit around the legs. The V3 isn’t the most absorbent or slim nappy in our collection, but we do really rate it in terms of comfort, ease of use and value for money. Something which I feel would improve the V3 would be the addition of a third popper to adjust the rise, as I do find that the softer outer and insert means there is some drooping at the front of the nappy, especially as baby moves around. We tried this nappy at night and it did last well, however we didn’t find it absorbent enough for regular use, for that reason we use it mostly in the day.

Our Wonderoos nappies have washed really well with no problems arising with PUL or fastenings. The microterry layer has stayed soft and stain free, you can use disposable liners with the V3 should you choose, but we personally don’t.

Wonderoos Real Easy sized nappies

Real Easy (Fitted) Nappy (£11.99) – The Real Easy is a sized nappy option, that is designed to be as easy to use as a disposable. The Real Easy has an impressive size range taking you from newborn, all the way to older toddlers who still need a day or night nappy option. We have the size two nappy designed to fit from around 15-35 lbs.

Unlike a birth to potty nappy the Real Easy doesn’t have adjustable rise settings, but it does feature a popper to control the fit around the legs. The waist closure features a nice strong hook and loop fastening and fold back laundry tabs to protect your nappies in the wash. The Real Easy features a soft fleece layer and a sewn in microfiber soaker followed by a pull out absorbent organic cotton and hemp soaker.

We found the Real Easy to be an incredibly comfortable but reliable night time nappy solution. Previously to testing the Real Easy we were using two part fitted nappies, which although brilliant in terms of absorbency are much more fiddly when it comes to getting the right fit, sometimes leading to marks on babies skin. We were sent one Real Easy nappy to try and we loved it so much that I immediately bought two more, it really lives up to its name in terms of simplicity. We personally find this nappy more than absorbent enough on its own without the need to boost, but if you have a child that is a heavy wetter, the generous sized pocket will make adding extra absorbency really simple.

Despite the brilliant absorbency we found the Real Easy to dry more quickly that other night time cloth combinations, the combination of natural and man made fibres also works well to contend with bigger toddler wees too. These nappies have washed well, with the hook and loop staying strong and the PUL intact. We also tested these nappies during the daytime and whilst they perform brilliantly, on a child on the smaller end of the weight range they can be a bit bulky which something to consider if you are looking to use them for that purpose.

I recommend Wonderoos if you are looking for good quality and easy to use cloth nappies. You can find out more about Wonderoos on their website wonderoos.co.uk.

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