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At this time of year we are all a little bit frazzled from the lead up to the holiday season and our immune system needs a warming boost. It is also the perfect time to reflect on the year, all the good things and what we are looking forward to for the year ahead.

For this reason I am very excited to share with you the latest product from Yogi Tea, a brand whose holistic approach fuses ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and a strong connection with Yoga to create flavoursome organic tea blends. If you are looking for a brand who are mindful of ingredients and sustainability, Yogi Tea is for you.

Turmeric chai is the latest product to hit the extensive range and will be available in stores January, so you are getting an exclusive preview. Turmeric has a characteristic golden yellow colour and is recognised as a useful addition to your diet due to its many health properties. Turmeric is well known to be anti-inflammatory and is perfect for tackling the stresses and strains of modern living.

Turmeric is a root in the same family as ginger, the root is dried and ground to a powder which can then be added to food. Turmeric chai is a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits turmeric in an easy and tasty way.

YOGITEA® Turmeric Chai is beautifully fragrant with a smooth taste. Turmeric is blended with cinnamon and ginger in this tea and the cinnamon gives a nice underlying sweetness. The spices are very subtle and gentle, it also has a creaminess to it which is very pleasant.

How to prepare your Golden Milk:

There are two ways to prepare golden milk with Turmeric chai. The first way is to steep the tea bag in hot water for around five minutes and then add your choice of milk and sweetener to taste. The second way is to bring your choice of milk to the boil and brew the Turmeric Chai tea bag for around five minutes.

Every Yogi Tea blend comes with its own individual yoga pose on the box, The Yoga pose for Turmeric Chai helps to strengthen digestion, which is especially useful at this time of year. I really like these little details, it really makes you think about your wellbeing in different ways.

The gorgeous golden colour of Turmeric Chai has inspired Yogi Tea to focus on the golden hour. Golden hour:

“Sunlight turns magical during the period shortly after sunrise and before sunset”


Golden hour is the perfect time to reflect on some of the wonderful moments from 2017. It has been such a busy year, full of exciting moments and change and I wanted to share some of my golden moments with you.

My golden moments of 2017 #GoldenMoments

Judging the OK Beauty awards – I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the judges of the Beauty Awards with OK this year alongside celebrated names in the industry such as Lee Stafford. It was fantastic to be involved with the awards and the standard of entries was really high. Also great to see Natural and Organic beauty get its own category, it feels like the industry took naturals a lot more seriously this year than ever before.

Reaching a million page views – I have never been one to focus too much on stats and figures when it comes to this blog, but reaching over a million page views earlier this year felt like an important milestone for my little corner of the internet. I remember vividly being very pleased to reach a thousand, so I could never have dreamed that I would one day have achieved this.

Babies first words – Baby Green has become this year a walking, talking, very funny little person. Although having a young child has its challenges, it also has so many rewards as they start to learn new skills almost daily. She is incredibly chatty and has gone from using single words to putting words together to form sentences, which is so lovely to see as she is not yet two. Every time I hear her little voice call my name, my heart melts. Being a Mum is perhaps by happiest and most challenging achievement.

What I am looking forward to – Looking towards my 2018 #GoldenMoments. Next year is shaping up to be another busy and fun packed year. I have some exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you, including talking all things natural beauty, of course. I also am currently enrolled with Formula Botanica, the online cosmetic science school, which means I will be experimenting with formulating my own products which is very exciting. Most of all I am exciting to be learning and taking this blog that step further in the New Year, I truly appreciate being able to nurture this space.

Let me know what your #GoldenMoments of 2017 have been. What achievements have you been proud of? Share them on social media using the hashtag #GoldenMoments and tag Yogi Tea so we can see them. You can find the brand on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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