MuLondon organic, ethical and vegan skincare you need to try

MuLondon organic and vegan beauty

There are a handful of brands that have become major staples in my routine over the years and MuLondon is one of those that has won itself a place in my bathroom cabinet. Whilst many brands are cashing in on the trend for ethical beauty without much in the way of actual ethics to back them up, MuLondon’s gorgeous formulations and range of ethical accreditations make them stand out from the crowd.

This is a brand I have used a lot over the years, but they now have a stunning new look for their products so this is the first time I have featured the shiny new packaging.  Boris the founder of MuLondon started creating his products thanks to his belief in the power of nature and traditional herbalism. There are a few key things that for me stand out about the range; firstly, it is tight edit of products, something I really appreciate. Secondly, the brand is entirely vegan, driven by the founder Boris and his own activism when it comes to the treatment of animals. The last thing I love about this range is the quality, as it is a tightly edited offering, every product has to stand on it’s own merits and in this case they very much do.

Just this year MuLondon have added the Soil Association badge to their already impressive line up, meaning they are now certified organic. They are also a certified B Corporation, meaning that they are a business focused on doing good and not purely profit. If it is important to you for your beauty products to be certified cruelty free, MuLondon has an impressive set of certifications, including the Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny and Peta.

I had some older reviews on the site previously reviewing MuLondon products, but I thought it best to update the post with the new look and run you through more of my overall thoughts on the brand.

MuLondon Moisturisers – There are six moisturisers in total to choose from in the range, all featuring tried and testing natural ingredients in beautiful water free formulas. I have talked a lot about water free products previously on the blog, for a formulator working with natural and organic ingredients it means there are no harsh synthetic preservatives needed and for the beauty consumer you get a product which is packed with actives and not water.

These are designed to be multi-functional products, use them anywhere you need to, head to toe. Thanks to the base of Shea butter they are rich and creamy, a delight to use. I have tried three of the six varieties available; Rose, Rosehip and Rosemary, White Chocolate truffle, and Lavender. All three are comforting and delicious, despite the denser texture of the oils and butters compared to a traditional emulsion they somehow manage to melt easily in to the skin. As I have quite dry skin, I love using these on the body, elbows, knees and shins especially, but I also like to use them on my face. I will say that using them as a facial moisturiser I like to layer them over hydrating serums and mists to quench the skin and lock in any actives applied.

The Hemp moisturiser is aimed at more oily skins, but there is also a fragrance free option for anyone unable to use essential oils and Marigold, Frankincense and Myrrh which is aimed at redness prone and mature skins. If I absolutely had to pick a favourite, the White chocolate truffle moisturiser would be it. Think of the most delicious smelling chocolate you could find and this moisturiser will easily match it, thanks to the cocoa butter, coconut oil and Tahitian vanilla. The lavender moisturiser however is perfect for a relaxing bedtime routine and the Rose, Rosehip and rosemary is one of my favourites based on my love of rose.

MuLondon Cleansers – There are three cleansers to choose from in total; unscented, Rose, rosehip and rosemary and lavender. Made with a traditional castile soap formulation, these cleansers provide a really thick and creamy lather that deep cleanses the skin. I personally do not use them to cleanse my face, because my skin is much happier with a non-foaming cleanser and for that reason I have found alternative uses for these. Turns out they make a fantastic baby and toddler wash, I have Liz McCarthy founder of online boutique A Beautiful world (and MuLondon stockist) to thank for that tip. Baby loves a pump of this soap used on a Konjac body sponge and it works a treat at tackling all the mess that comes with kids easily and quickly. I also use them as hand washes, body washes and even to clean to my make up brushes, they are versatile and very effective.

I do believe every household should have a MuLondon product. It is a range that is built around strong values, but also formulas that celebrate nature and all the simple healing ingredients it can provide. Have you tried MuLondon? If so what is your favourite?


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.