Ere Perez Carrot colour pot review and swatches

Ere Perez has been making quite an impression on me, in fact I would go so far as saying they are fast becoming one of my favourite make up brands. I recently showed some of the newly repackaged and reformulated Carrot Colour pots on my Instagram and I received so many questions about the shades and how they compare to other high end brands such as RMS. Whilst I make an effort to reply to all my comments and messages, it is much easier to go in to detail in a review and I am really excited to share these, because they are really beautiful.

The Carrot Colour Pots come in sleek glass jars with metal lids. You get 6.5 grams of product and they are incredibly pigmented, so these are going to last a while! I love the colour selection, on the Ere Perez website there are five colours listed in total and I have three of them to show you. These multi-tasking pots can be used on the lips and on the cheeks. All the shades of Carrot Colour Pots are completely vegan, I spoke to a representative of Ere Perez to confirm if the brand was now entirely vegan and apparently all products are now vegan with the exception of the mascara.

The Carrot Colour Pots contain Olive oil, Carrot, Candelila wax, Avocado and Vitamin E. They also contains caprylic/capric trigleride which is derived from coconut oil, for those of you sensitive to coconut as an ingredient, this form is generally considered less comodogenic and it is far down the ingredients list. Surprisingly there no synthetic pigments listed in these colours, just titanium dioxide, iron oxides and mica.

The formula is creamy and easy to work with. I like to apply to the cheeks with my fingers, you only need a small amount for great colour payoff. On the lips they can be applied lightly with a finger for a stain or with a lip brush you can achieve a nice opaque lip colour. Staying power and is good and the finish I would describe as a satin, it retains a sheen on the skin, but isn’t too dewy on the cheeks. On the lips they are comfortable and non-drying.

Harmony – Described a Dusty pink, Harmony is the lightest of the three shades. I like to use this as a natural everyday blush, as I find the colour a little light to use on my lips. This is a beautiful natural flush.

Holy – Described as a rich grape colour, Holy is a really beautiful deep pink with a blue undertone. It works beautifully as a nice berry toned lip and will work well in the transition from winter to spring.

Happy – Described as a crimson red, Happy is a classic red which I think would suit most skin tones. It is too blue toned or to orange but sits somewhere happily in the middle.


RMS Lip2Cheek vs Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots – My love for RMS is a longstanding one and the Lip2Cheeks in particular have been one of my most repurchased products over the years (See my review here). Although the RMS Lip2Cheek and Carrot Colour Pots are both multi-functional products that can be used on lips and cheeks and both come in sleek glass pots there are quite a few differences between the two. RMS has a wider shade range than Ere Perez currently, but I get the feeling Ere Perez will be launching more, as they have only just unveiled the new packaging and formulas. Ere Perez Carrot Colour pots are vegan friendly, whereas RMS Lip2Cheek are not, they contain Beeswax. In terms of texture and pigment, the Ere Perez are in my opinion slightly more pigmented, the texture is also slightly smoother because RMS uses raw coconut oil, which has a tendency to harden quite a lot in winter months, whereas the Ere Perez are solid but creamy even in the cold weather. The other major difference is the price, Ere Perez comes in at over £10 cheaper per pot, because the cost of RMS (and other high end brands) has gone up significantly in recent months, making the Ere Perez feel like very good value for money indeed in comparison.

As you can see, although I still really like RMS and will continue to use them, the Ere Perez Carrot colour pots are off to a really impressive start with me and have found a firm place in my make up bag. I will continue to test them over the next few months and hopefully add the other shades to my collection. Have you tried Ere Perez? What is your favourite product?


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Ana Green

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